American Airlines Marketing Mix – Marketing Mix Of American Airlines

American Airlines Marketing Mix: American Airlines is the subsidiary of the leading firm American Airlines Group. It is a public-owned company, and, as the name implies, it has American origins. The renowned company is linked with the aviation industry since it is involved in national and international flights.

American Airlines is an integral part of Oneworld Alliance and coordinates schedules, services, fares, and alliance partners. It was established in 1926 but was able to begin operations in 1936 on 25 26 June. It is competing with the following:

  • Northwest Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines

Marketing Mix Of American Airlines

Marketing Mix Of American Airlines is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of American Airlines, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing American Airlines Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of American Airlines.

Let’s talk about American Airlines Marketing Mix.

American Airlines Main Competitors

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines,
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines

American Airlines official website:

Product in the American Airlines Marketing Mix:

American Airlines Marketing Mix

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world in terms of passenger numbers in terms of fleet size, size and miles flown. It collaborates with regional partners to offer international and domestic services through 6700 and 7100 flights per day on an average day. As of the end of the fiscal year 2018, American Airlines has a fleet of one hundred five hundred and thirty-six airlines, including McDonnell Douglas, Embraer, Boeing, and Airbus. It provides direct flights and connections to passengers.

American Airlines offers exclusive services through its diverse set of cabins. For transcontinental and international passengers, it provides Flagship First and Flagship Business, including benefits such as access to its flagship lounge and Admiral Club. The cabin amenities comprise Domestic First Class Premium Economy Main Cabin Extra, the Main Cabin, and Basic Economy.

American Airlines offers several services, such as in-flight entertainment, including the latest films and music. Based on the tickets bought by passengers, they offer drinks and lounge access.

Place in the American Airlines Marketing Mix:

American Airlines has spread its presence worldwide and has been named the world’s largest airline in terms of the destinations it serves. It has a presence in 350 destinations and has greater than 50 countries. American Airlines operates with its alliance partners Finnair, Iberia, and British Airways in the transatlantic market with Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific on transpacific routes, as well as its regional services through independent and subsidiary carriers under the American Eagle brand.

It has the highest volume of passengers at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The main maintenance base for the airline is located at Tulsa International airport, with other maintenance facilities located at Tulsa International Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport, and La-Guardia Airport.

The company’s headquarters is in Centre Port in Texas. Important hubs are Washington-National, Phoenix Sky Harbor, Philadelphia, New York-La Guardia, New york-JFK, Miami, Los Angeles Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago-O’Hare, and Charlotte. American Airlines serves the trained staff, which includes one lakh and twenty-two thousand employees as of 2017. Its Distribution channels for American Airlines include buying tickets through its website, different websites, flight agents, and counters at airports for tickets.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of American Airlines:

American Airlines Marketing Mix

American Airlines has been ranked the highest in terms of its revenue. It targets middle and middle-class customers who value speed and comfort as its customers. Customers. The company has been positioned as a premium airline but has implemented a different price method across all its services. Prices depend on various aspects as well. American Airlines has fixed the costs in line with the services provided.

American Airlines presents its passengers with the option of deciding on their ticket price because it offers a range of flights, and it’s up to the consumer to select the one best suited to his particular requirements. The airline offers plans such as Choice Essential, Choice, Choice Plus, Business/First, and Fully Flexible. They also offer round trips as well as a variety of products and services.

The choice is a primary ticket charged for baggage that is not included. Choice Essential offers the customer the choice of changing their flight without additional charge and also carries a checked bag. Choice Plus has the same features as Choice Essential: a premium beverage, 50% additional miles, same-day standby for flights, and the option to change.

Fully Flexible provides baggage delivery with priority baggage privileges and 25% additional miles. Business/First includes a 25% to 50% mileage bonus, premium beverages, 2 checked bags baggage delivery, and same-day standby for flights and changing options.

American Airlines has adopted a premium pricing policy for first-class passengers and an affordable and fair price policy for Economy class customers. The airline is facing stiff competition from other companies operating in the aviation industry and therefore has taken on a competitive pricing policy to stand up to its competitors. The prices for tickets are in line with prices offered by rivals to stay at the highest and to maintain its customers.

American Airlines offers periodic discounts and rewards, such as vacation packages, discounts on vacations, and memorable holiday offers to keep passengers loyalty. The airline also offers regular passengers to redeem points through its frequent flier program, which can be cashed later.

Promotions in the American Airlines Marketing Mix:

American Airlines is a firm belief in marketing and has therefore created a variety of ads to advertise its brand’s image worldwide. Advertisements are displayed on board magazines, billboards, and in-flight. The company uses its official website to showcase its products, services, and promotions. Promotions and offers are available on the official website. American Airlines also uses other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Page on Facebook, Twitter account, Twitter account, and YouTube to stay in constant contact with its customers.

The airline launched a frequent flyer program dubbed”AAdvantage” in the year 1981, on the 1 day of May. With more than 67 million members, it became the most powerful program of the year 2011. Miles can be earned and then redeemed by members to buy tickets, discounts, or free car rentals and change airline facilities, products, hotels, and other services. Regular and active members can take advantage of free upgrades, prioritized upgrades, and even a particular check-in.

American Airlines believes in participating in events and sponsorship programs to keep its brand’s visibility. It is the primary patron for the American Airlines Arena and American Airlines Center basketball arenas. A variety of professional sports teams have been sponsored by the business, which includes New England Revolution, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Cubs, and Carolina Panthers. The company has some powerful slogans, such as The World’s Greatest Flyers Fly American, Going Fir Great, The On-Time Machine, Something Special in the Air, and Be Yourself Nonstop.

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