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Baidu Marketing Mix: Baidu is a publicly traded company with its roots in China. It was established in the year 2000 in 2000 by Eric Xu and Robin Li, and its headquarters is in Beijing. The Chinese firm is involved in web services and operates internationally. It is praised as the most popular website for visitors and is the first choice of all customers seeking a search engine.

Marketing Mix Of Baidu

Marketing Mix Of Baidu is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Baidu, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Baidu Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix of Baidu.

Let’s talk about Baidu Marketing Mix.

Baidu Main Competitors

  • Renren
  • Com
  • Kaixin001
  • Tencent QQ
  • Qihoo 360

Baidu official website:

Product in the Baidu Marketing Mix:

Baidu Marketing Mix

In 2015, Baidu was ranked 4 fourth spot in rankings made by Alexa Internet. Baidu provides a variety of ways to locate product information, services, and information, and this is made possible by search terms in the Chinese language. Its portfolio of products as well as service portfolio comprises:

  • Baidu Map is a desktop and mobile mapping that covers Greater China
  • Baidu Image Search helps in locating images on the internet
  • Baidu Cloud offers 2TB of data storage absolutely free
  • Baidu Japan includes an image search bar that can be used for websites and searches
  • Baidu Post Bar is an online community to share experiences and information.
  • Baidu News provides access to international and local information within minutes of their release
  • Baidu knows aids in the sharing of knowledge
  • Baidu Search MP3 Search lets you find hyperlinks to multimedia files as well as songs
  • Baidu Baike is an online encyclopedia
  • Baidu Web Directory aids in browsing websites
  • Baidu Postal Code helps in the search for postal codes for Chinese cities.

Place in the Baidu Marketing Mix:

Baidu is the top-ranked Chinese search engine and holds 63% of the market shares. It’s the P4P platform that offers an automated registration process online that allows customers to activate their accounts. It has evolved into an online marketplace that connects customers and searchers to each and provides online assistance.

Baidu additionally works with third-party distributors in selling marketing services. They are also given discounts as a substitute for the assistance and support they provide. Baidu provides consulting services and daily reports on the total cost of clickthroughs. The company also offers Pro-Theme services for union members, which allow them to display links to promotions of their customers on their websites.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Baidu:

Baidu Marketing Mix

Baidu has placed the burden upon revenue generation, mainly through internet marketing. Baidu has launched a P4P, a pay-for-placement (P4P) platform that allows customers to reach out to all users looking for information regarding an item or service. Automated online tools are employed by clients to create pictures that are based on text.

Bidding is based on keywords that allow the display of the related link and details. The company has also earned revenue through Pro-Themeservices, which is based on different clicking on links by customers. The company then shares its earnings with union members following the agreed-upon conditions and terms. Baidu has also launched programs to allow internet-based advertisement on its websites. The fees resulting from these programs are split between Baidu’s owners.

Like Google, Baidu is a company that earns via advertising, which is why it is a freemium service. It is accessible to the general public, much as Facebook can be; however, businesses are charged a fee to reach users using Baidu.

Promotions in the Baidu Marketing Mix:

Every product requires to be promoted to boost its exposure. Baidu offers an advertising service called Baidu Tuiguang, which is very similar to Adsense and Google Adwords. This platform for advertising adheres to the principle of paying per click and allows advertisers to place their ad on the search results pages of Baidu and other websites connected to it. Baidu markets itself via advertisements as well, and since its coverage is so significant, it is a good investment for self-marketing is low since it uses its own software.

The company also markets its products through a well-organized network of resellers. The major drawback of this Chinese website is that the administrative tools are written in the local language, making it difficult for other users to use. That is why it launched the device with an interface in English to promote advertising programs on Baidu. This feature is accessible to advertisers with corporate addresses established in China or one of its associated regions.

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