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Cartier Marketing Mix: Cartier is an independent business with French origins. Cartier is a symbol of the luxurious brand and thus serves a high-income segment of individuals. Cartier has an excellent reputation and is renowned worldwide for its high-end products. Cartier was established on the initiative of Louis-Francois Cartier in the year 1847. It is headquartered in Paris located in France.

The company designs manufactures and sells products on the global market, which include watches and jewelry. Presently, it is an affiliated company of its subsidiary company Richemont. Cartier is a luxury brand that has successfully mingled exquisite craftsmanship with class and tradition.

Marketing Mix Of Cartier

Marketing Mix Of Cartier is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Cartier, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Cartier Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Cartier.

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Cartier Main Competitors

  • Tag Heuer
  • Longines
  • Omega

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Product in the Cartier Marketing Mix:

Cartier Marketing Mix

Cartier became the initial brand to manufacture wristwatches for males and later became responsible for watches like Baignoire, Tortue, and Tank. The company later added additional products to its collection and therefore ventured into jewelry design.

Louis Cartier was one of the first designers who used platinum in the setting of jewelry, and its customers highly praised this. Some of the most popular items of this famous label include:

  • JewelleryRings, charms, brooches, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets
  • Watches for Men: Men’s watches like Pasha de Cartier, Tank, and Tortue, as well as women’s watches such as Crash Tortue, Pasha de Cartier, and Tank
  • Accessories for fashion – Leather items such as belts for women and men, purses, and agenda refills. Eyewear can include optical males and females glasses for both males and females and expensive eyewear
  • Delicate objects have stationary, money clips, lighters, key rings, scarfs, cufflinks, scarves, and writing instruments
  • Perfumes include Declaration, Pasha, and Dragon.

Place in the Cartier Marketing Mix:

Cartier has become an international company that has a global reach. The company’s operations span more than one hundred and twenty-five nations and boast nearly 200 stores. The various products it offers are sold at these outlets by knowledgeable employees. The perfumes are sold at the most luxurious boutiques. The brand has also launched online stores to satisfy the ever-growing needs of online buyers.

Cartier products are sold at exclusive stores, such as luxurious hotels and resorts across the globe. The three flagship stores are in London, New York, and Paris. In 2008 and 2015, it launched a second iconic store in Seoul, Houston, and Houston, respectively.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Cartier:

Cartier Marketing Mix

Cartier is a prestigious brand with exclusive and high-end products. This brand caters to upper-end society who want complete and rare items. Since money isn’t the main factor for these celebrities, they can benefit from the higher-priced policies of the brand. Its products are valuable and thus can fetch premium prices quickly. One of the significant benefits of Cartier is its status on the market, which has endured for years as a top brand. Cartier offers more than its rivals, and they are not required to compromise with its pricing policies. They have always adhered to the premium pricing policy on all their products.

Promotions in the Cartier Marketing Mix:

Cartier has a track record of catering to the needs of royalty and celebrities. They are their ambassadors. The first patron to be granted royal standing for the Cartier was Princess Mathilde. Cartier was Princess Mathilde. Kate Middleton wore a Ballon-Bleu Timepiece from Cartier, and King Edward VII placed an order for 27 tiaras in the year 1902. It was then an absolute favorite of the various royal houses in Russia, Romania, Portugal, and Spain. The mantra is exclusivity. The brand strives to present its products as luxurious and exclusive. The watches are packaged in personalization that its customers love.

The brand has taken advantage of the internet’s obsession and launched its social media advertising through Twitter and Instagram. Cartier has maintained its global fame through its marketing activities. Effective advertising has improved its visibility as a brand. The most eye-catching advertisements are shown on television to ensure the most exposure. The products and designs of the company are featured in prestigious magazines with a global audience.

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