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Cathay Pacific Marketing Mix: Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, also known as Cathay Pacific, is a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited. Because it is involved in the airline industry, Cathay Pacific Airways Limited is often associated with the aviation industry. Cathay Pacific is part of Oneworld Alliance and is the flag carrier for its country of origin Hong Kong.

It is a public limited company. It was founded by its cofounders, Roy C Farrell (American) and Sydney H de Kantzow (Australian). Swire Pacific, Air China, and Qatar Airways are significant shareholders.

It provides both cargo and passenger services. Cathay Pacific was named the largest airline in the global arena of cargo handling, and Hong Kong International Airport was its busiest airport for cargo traffic.

Marketing Mix Of Cathay Pacific

Marketing Mix Of Cathay Pacific is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Cathay Pacific, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Cathay Pacific Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix of Cathay Pacific.

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Cathay Pacific Main Competitors

  • Air India
  • Jet Airways
  • Singapore Airlines

Cathay Pacific’s official website:

Product in the Cathay Pacific Marketing Mix:

Cathay Pacific Marketing Mix

Cathay Pacific has subsidiaries Cathay Dragon, Air Hong Kong, and joint ventures. It also operates international flights through code-shares and domestic flight operations. One hundred and forty-six aircraft are part of the company’s fleet, which includes Boeing777, Airbus A350, and Airbus A330. The Boeing 747 is used for cargo only. Cathay Dragon is responsible for operations from Hong Kong to the Asia-Pacific region. It also operates in forty-four other destinations. Cathay Pacific provides both commercial and logistic services to its customers. The following are cabin services:

  • First Class product has a comprehensive, comfortable seating arrangement that can also be used as a bed. It has a power socket, a small cabinet, and a massage function.
  • Business Class is a more contemporary setting that pays special attention to privacy and comfort. The airline offers a video-audio facility on-demand.
  • Premium Economy Class includes a larger and more comfortable reclining seat, a power outlet, headphones for noise cancellation, personal TV of 10.6 inches, more oversized pillows, and a cocktail table.
  • Economy Class offers adjustable headrests and slimmer seating with additional amenities like the USB port, power sockets, and cup holder.

The company also offers personal TV with various movies, music, and popular programs as part of its in-flight entertainment. The company also offers magazines, newspapers, audio video-on-demand, seventy interactive gaming, and twenty-five radio stations. Two hot meals are included in the complimentary beverage and food on long-haul flights. Cathay Pacific offers loyalty programs. Marco Polo Club is now divided into groups.

Green is the entry-level and offers priority boarding, lounge access redemption, excess baggage allowance, easy flight reservation, and designated check-in counters. You can earn 300 club points per year to move up to Silver. Additional benefits include access to lounges in business class, priority baggage handling, and a baggage allowance of 10kg extra.

A member who earns 600 points per year can receive 15 kg extra baggage, one economy ticket, and lounge access to the Gold tier business class. After 1200 points, Diamond Tier is awarded. It includes guaranteed tickets within 24 hours of departure, 20kg extra baggage, and first-class lounge access.

Place in the Cathay Pacific Marketing Mix:

Cathay Pacific, a well-recognized carrier, operates from its Hong Kong headquarters and Hong Kong International Airport as its hub. It has expanded its operations to more than 60 countries through two hundred and one destinations, including Manchester, Shanghai and Seoul, Paris, and London.

Cathay Pacific’s distribution network makes it easy to offer services and products. It offers an easy way to book via its website or other online portals that it has partnered with. You can also book tickets through travel agents, company officials, and counters at airports. CX mobile, the company’s mobile app, allows users to check arrival, departure, destinations, and city guidelines. It also helps with cancellations. The app is top-rated because it makes it easy for passengers to find relevant information.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific Marketing Mix

Cathay Pacific was ranked at the tenth spot in sales figures and fourteenth in market capitalization. It had revenues of HK$ 92.751million and a net income of HK$ 274million at the end 2016 fiscal year. As its target customers, the company primarily targets middle, upper, and business-level customers who want reliable flights and comfortable service.

The fare depends on many factors, such as the route, distance, destination, airspace sector, and days. Cathay Pacific has maintained a variable pricing policy. This policy is dependent on the above factors. It offers its customers the option to select a ticket that is most beneficial to them. It has a competitive pricing strategy because there is a lot of competition in the airline industry. It offers regular discounts and incentives to its competitors to help it maintain its loyal customers.

Promotions in the Cathay Pacific Marketing Mix:

Cathay Pacific is a well-respected company that has used several strategies to build a positive brand. Cathay Pacific launched a mobile app to provide flight information in real-time. It has been hugely successful among its passengers. The airline also makes use of social media platforms to its advantage.

It advertises extensively via Twitter and Instagram. These platforms, as well as its official website, allow it to communicate directly with passengers.

Promotional activities include duty-free shopping and lounge services. There are also tours to showcase its new cabins. Cathay Pacific has sponsored many sporting events to increase its brand awareness. It is now the main sponsor of Cathay Pacific/ HSBC Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

To highlight the professionalism of its flight attendants, the company uploaded videos. Cathay Pacific has received numerous awards and recognitions. For four consecutive years, Cathay Pacific has been consistently ranked the World’s Best Airline.

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