Goibibo Marketing Mix – Marketing Mix Of Goibibo

Goibibo Marketing Mix: Goibibo is an affiliate of the owner firm Ibibo Group. It’s associated with travel and tourism and is involved with online bookings. It has Indian origins and is run by Sanjay Bhasin and Vikalp Sahni as CEO and CTO, respectively. Goibibo has been among the fastest-growing businesses within India regarding growth since it surpassed its previous level of hotel reservations by five times during the year 2015. The company has targeted travelers or internet-connected users to be prospective customers.

Marketing Mix Of Goibibo

Marketing Mix Of Goibibo is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Goibibo, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Goibibo Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Goibibo.

Let’s talk about Goibibo Marketing Mix.

Goibibo Main Competitors

  • Yatra.com
  • Clearrip.com
  • Makemytrip.com

Goibibo official website: www.goibibo.com

Product in the Goibibo Marketing Mix:

Goibibo Marketing Mix

Goibibo is a renowned travel agent whose transactions are conducted online. This is a B2C business-to-customer company since it prefers to work directly with customers by providing the most efficient transportation and lodging services.

It is the most popular booking engine and ranked first in the travel industry using mobile applications. Goibibo provides reliable and fast user experiences when searching for the desired product to make bookings, bookings, payments, cancellation options or settlements, and even refunds.

It offers a variety of products and offers online bookings and services such as tickets for buses, flights, hotels, holidays, weekend getaways, and city guides to travel. Recently, Goibibo has been introducing two crucial aspects to its product line. Flight bookings from anywhere to anywhere aid in finding the most affordable options for international flights to and from anywhere globally. Flight Advice is a search engine that aids users in finding the results of their preferences. It provides price choices, preferred destinations, and even flight lengths.

Place in the Goibibo Marketing Mix:

Goibibo has extended its presence across India and is accessible via an online platform and mobile applications. It was incorporated into its owner group in 2009 and had its main in Gurgaon, located in India. Goibibo has numerous offices across cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Chennai. The official website of Goibibo can be found at Goibibo.com, and in 2015, it opted to become a partner of Google Flight Search, making it the first OTA of Indian origins.

Goibibo is a pioneer in integrating modern technology with travel, selling, and buying platforms. Initially, the company focused only on domestic markets, but in time, it began to provide hotel and flight reservations in internationally-based markets. Goibibo has partnerships with 400 airlines and access to over 52,000 routes. Most reservations are made via mobile apps and are made through mobile web, Windows Phones, Android, iOS, and the remainder via the desktop.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Goibibo:

Goibibo Marketing Mix

Goibibo is an e-commerce business that has made itself known as a reliable portal that provides top-quality services and offers the lowest prices. The business model and pricing strategy are based on charging a low price for user acquisition. The company has implemented an economic pricing strategy and provides air travel at the lowest rates on all the e-commerce websites for travel reservations. It also has a payment gateway PayU that assists in the security of its transactions. Because Goibibo is in a tough battle with rival companies, it has adopted a competitive pricing policy to retain its existing customers. The type of customer response that it produces has been helpful in the generation of large revenues.

Promotions in the Goibibo Marketing Mix:

Goibibo has a solid promotion strategy that has assisted its company in reaching unprecedented levels in the tourism and travel industry. It heavily relies on its advertisements that are broadcast on radio and numerous television and electronic media channels. It also takes advantage of print media, and its advertisements are shown in newspapers, hoardings, and travel publications. Because it is connected to internet-based businesses, its use for social networks is extremely large, and the company’s Facebook page has 1.5 million active users.

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