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Harley Davidson Marketing Mix: The history that is Harley Davidson started in 1903 located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A, when two exuberant and young minds of two close friends, William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, started working on a project to get over the hurdle of climbing hills using bicycles, in the nearby hills. They had planned to outfit their bike with a motorized engine to overcome this problem and made use of an area for garages in the home that belonged to the late Mr. Davidson, where the first engine of a capacity of 116 cubic centimeters was created and fitted to a bicycle.

What began as a simple idea grew into a recognizable manufacturer in the motorcycle industry that is sought-after by people of all ages and across borders. It has made a name for itself through its unique designs and the latest technology, constantly evolving and staying ahead of the times.

In the present, nearly 100 years since the beginning of its existence, the business is run by C.E.O Keith E.Wandell, who has operations in all the major countries around the globe. It also has a large workforce of over 6000. This paper focuses on the marketing functions of Harley Davidson and brings out its marketing mix and associated tactics.

Marketing Mix Of Harley Davidson

Marketing Mix Of Harley Davidson is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Harley Davidson, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Harley Davidson Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix of Harley Davidson.

Let’s talk about Harley Davidson Marketing Mix.

Harley Davidson’s Main Competitors

  • Triumph Bikes
  • Yamaha Motorcycles
  • Ducati
  • Royal Enfield
  • Victory Motorcycles
  • Viper Motorcycle
  • Polaris
  • Kawasaki

Harley Davidson’s official website: www.harley-davidson.com

Product in the Harley Davidson Marketing Mix:

Harley Davidson Marketing Mix

Since the beginning, Harley Davidson has maintained an element of excitement when it comes to presenting its models of bikes on the market marketplace as well as has targeted bikes that are built to last that have powerful engine that provides both powers as well as a distinctive loud sound that, in a sense is its trademark. A further hallmark of Harley Davidson is its designs and style, customized following the individual biker. The variety of distinctive bike designs that the type spoils the buyer. The designs are all stylish and, more importantly, unique for Harley Davidson only.

These bikes are considered “mean machinery” that inspire wonder and amaze millions with uniquely designed and shaped benchmarks. Harley Davidson is the icon for road cruising bikes. It allows long-distance drives and is a result of the vast roads and highways of the parent company. The heavy and powerful engines have always been an integral component of the Harley Davidson association, which are known to withstand any weather and surpass the severity. They offer clients a variety of models to select from as well as engines and accessories which can be traded at a low cost since they are incredibly customizable and have option windows open to potential customers and prospective buyers.

Points of salient for the product within the marketing mix of Harley Davidson

1. Excellent range of product portfolio

2. Personalization of products is what draws customers in.

3. High-tech product that incites enthusiasm for cyclists

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Harley Davidson:

Since the company is primarily involved in heavy-built engines and chassis with high displacement, it strives for excellence in its products. In the same way, the company is focused on a particular market segment or type of customer. Harley Davidson has always been an ultra-premium product geared towards the motorcycle industry, and there are no excuses for this.

In the course of these policies, the firm has also experienced difficulties and the red zone in its profit and loss curves. These were remediated by cuts and rightsizing. It continues to carry its bandwagon with similar strategies for price function. This is why Harley Davidson has the most effective positionings in the field of names for premium Motorcycles. Many of these top positions are due to the motorcycle’s cost.

The salient points of Price’s within the mix of marketing for Harley Davidson

1. Ultra premium prices specifically for the motorcycle market

2. Price significantly contributed to a higher ranking in customers’ minds.

Place in the Harley Davidson Marketing Mix:

Harley Davidson Marketing Mix

The ideal location is the one where the customer is. This is the guiding principle of every successful business strategist and market analyst. In Harley Davidson, this ethos is well reported and followed. Due to the considerable exposure, it has gotten through advertisements in the media and the passage of time, Harley Davidson has a fantastic reputation and brand equity that has led to many requests from all over the world.

Additionally, an increase in purchasing power has increased customers’ ability, and it is likely that Harley Davidson decided to expand worldwide. It has exported bikes and spare parts worldwide for a long time. However, it directly impacts its pricing in a more significant way due to the involvement of tax structures and heavy customs duties. This makes it difficult to sell this product to the most ardent enthusiasts or the growing market.

The major strategic shifts are being introduced in the policies of production, and two production units have been listed outside of the country of origin, specifically in India and for the Asian market, as well as Brazil for distributions throughout Latin Americas, which is a significant “Placement” benefit to Harley Davidson.

1. Selection distribution

2. Showrooms are available in exclusive areas only.

Promotions in the Harley Davidson Marketing Mix:

Promotional functions have always been designed with great care and executed precisely through Harley Davidson, which has kept its status. Instead of going out with promotion, the company has conducted its promotions subtly by sensibly riding Harley motorcycles and displaying their power, and glorying the bikes in television and film shows.

It has organized rallies, bike tours, and a cross-country marathon supporting Harley Davidson owners and introducing the HOG (Harley-Davidson Owner’s Groups) culture. This has attracted new customers and increased loyalty among current owners. In addition, the organization has also arranged sale fares, which encourage huge discounts in times of lower sales. Additionally, it has continuously conducted unique draws and coupons to offer discounts on services, free services, and spare parts. This makes the promotion process unique, elegant, and outside of the box. It comes with all the elements.

Due to its extensive product line, Harley Davidson does not believe in generalizing its offerings and thus advertises exclusively in leading magazines, hoardings, and other printed media vehicles. The main attraction for the product is generated by the product itself and the presentation of the item. The most important thing is that throughout the year, Harley Davidson represents qualities like confidence, friendship, and the joy of the ride of life. Harley invites its customers to go out on the road and ride their motorcycles to the fullest of their hearts. With these branding elements, staying an elite brand in the marketplace is challenging.

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