Horlicks Marketing Strategy – Marketing Strategy of Horlicks

Horlicks Marketing Strategy – Marketing Strategy of Horlicks: GlaxoSmithKline plc launched the malt-based beverage and food in 1919. The brand is associated with health benefits and increased growth hormones, thereby helping in essential vitamins as well as reducing mineral deficiencies. 

William & James Horlicks invented the Horlicks to replace milk as baby food. GlaxoSmithKline’s flagship brand is available in a variety of flavors in the marketplace, as well as with other product line options like Noodles and growth supplements.

Horlicks At A Glance – Marketing Strategy of Horlicks

Horlicks Marketing Strategy

[wp-svg-icons icon=”office” wrap=”I”] Company : Horlicks

[wp-svg-icons icon=”user” wrap=”I”] Founder: William and James Horlick

[wp-svg-icons icon=”calendar” wrap=”I”] Year founded: 1925

[wp-svg-icons icon=”location-2″ wrap=”I”] Headquarters: Racine, Wisconsin.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”stats” wrap=”I”] Annual Revenue:  US$310 million

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pie” wrap=”i”] Products & Services: Horlicks Health & Nutrition Drink (Classic Malt), Horlicks Health & Nutrition Drink (Chocolate Flavour), Women’s Horlicks Health & Nutrition Drink, Horlicks Lite, Horlicks Protein + Health & Nutrition Drink., Junior Horlicks Stage-1, Junior Horlicks Stage 2(4-6 Year Old)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”globe” wrap=”I”] Website: www.horlicks.in

Horlicks Competitors

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pacman” wrap=”I”] Competitors: Complan, Cadbury’s Bournvita, Maltova, Boost, Milo


Horlicks Fun Facts: Horlicks is enriched with 14 vitamins and minerals; not only is it deliciously comforting but it aids in overall nourishment. Horlicks is high in vitamins C, D, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, folic acid, niacin, biotin, calcium and zinc and a source of vitamin E and iron.


Marketing Strategy of Horlicks

Horlicks Marketing Strategy

Horlicks’s Marketing Strategy covers various aspects of the business right from segmentation and targeting to the overall mission and vision of the company and the various parameters which the company executes to become the top brand that it has in the market. So what is the Marketing Strategy of Horlicks? Let us discuss.

Horlicks Marketing Strategy – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

Based on the nutritional requirements of different age groups and product use, such as malt beverage is suitable for growing children and adults (including mothers and women), 

The brand is available in different product categories such as healthy biscuits, noodles, and nutritional drinks. Therefore, it uses a differentiated strategy. 

The brand is positioned as a healthy, nutritious food that can be enjoyed by all ages and at every stage of life. India is so fond of it that approximately 30 million cups are consumed each year. 

Horlicks Mission Statement

to build mass awareness

Horlicks Vision Statement

 looks forward and creates a mental image of the ideal state that the organization wishes to achieve. It is inspirational and aspirational and should challenge employees.

Horlicks Tagline

“Improves attention & concentration”

Horlicks Marketing Strategy – Competitive Advantage

Broad Product Portfolio: 

It is easier for brands to offer products if there are a variety of products that cater to each market segment. Horlicks has created Horlicks to suit every age group, offering different SKUs and different flavors. 

A financially strong and stable parent company:  

Horlicks is part of the MNC GlaxoSmithKline GSK, the British Pharma company. It is the 6 th largest Pharmaceutical Company with a market capitalization of PS81billion. GSK’s Healthcare division manages Horlicks. More than 15,000 employees are employed in R & D. The company is present in more than 120 countries. 

Horlicks Marketing Strategy – BCG Matrix

Horlicks is currently operating in four business segments, namely 

  • Horlicks includes Horlicks Lite, Horlicks Oats and Horlicks. 
  • Junior Horlicks for Toddlers and Horlicks Growth+ 
  • For Women: Mother’s Horlicks & Women’s Horlicks. 
  • Plus+: Horlicks Cardia+, Horlicks Protein+ 

The only question mark in the BCG matrix is the Plus+ business segment. All other segments are stars in this BCG matrix. 

Horlicks Marketing Strategy – Distribution Strategy

The US operations were acquired by UK businesses in 1945, which made the brand a global one. It is currently distributed in the UK, Ireland, and the Indian sub-continent, which is the largest market for Horlicks. 

The brand distributes its products through a variety of channels for distribution like pharmacies, drug stores, wholesalers, and retailers. It recently partnered with eCommerce giant Amazon, through which customers are redirected to Amazon when they click on the buy option on Horlicks’ website. 

Horlicks Marketing Strategy – Brand equity

In 2017, the brand revenue was PS680 million. Horlicks reaches out to the target audience via various media, such as schools, colleges, preschools, and other educational institutions. Horlicks has created awareness about the health benefits associated with cereals and milk-based Horlicks. These products help to create immunity, maintain blood flow, gain a healthy weight, and improve concentration. 

Horlicks Marketing Strategy – Competitive Analysis

Horlicks competes with energy drinks, essential vitamins/minerals supplements, and substitutes such as milk and packaged fruit juice. 

The company has been expanding its product range and brand offerings to create a large array of products under one name. It also offers a new product, which is increasing customer retention as well as repeat sales. 

Horlicks is competing with Complan, Mondelez, and Bournvita. It may compete with Boost in a product category. 

Horlicks Marketing Strategy – Market Analysis

GSK has Horlicks and Boost in its product line as a malt-oriented milk drink. It continues innovation to expand its product range, such as the recent launch of Horlicks Growth Plus for children with growth deficiencies, Horlicks Lite, which is low in calories, sugar, and snacks category oats and biscuits, and NutriBar. 

The market for Health & Nutritional drinks is constantly innovating to grow its market share as well as its growth numbers via market penetration and brand/product extensions. 

Horlicks Marketing Strategy – Customer Analysis

Horlicks customers are middle-income customers who want to be healthy. They take a healthy supplement drink that is rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Horlicks primarily targets four sets of customers, such as babies and toddlers with Junior Horlicks or Chocolate flavor Horlicks. Adults with normal Malt Horlicks. Pregnant and elderly women with Mother’s Horlicks. Women’s Horlicks. Horlicks Lite is designed for active adults. 

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