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Levi’s Marketing Mix: Levis is a privately owned American company that deals with the manufacturing and distribution of Denim Jeans. It was established in 1873. Levis has proven successful in drawing the attention and imagination of customers across the world. The international business has assisted in developing markets that were already present and introducing new markets by leveraging the market for textiles for its benefit. Levis is now synonymous with high-quality products. The name Levis has expanded its reach to one hundred and ten nations encompassing more than fifty-five thousand retail stores.

Marketing Mix Of Levi’s

The marketing Mix Of Levi’s is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Levi’s, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Levi’s Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Levi’s.

Let’s talk about Levi’s Marketing Mix.

Levi’s Main Competitors

  • GAP Jeans
  • Pepe Jeans
  • Cambridge
  • Lee

Levi’s official website: www.levi.com

Product in the Levi’s Marketing Mix:

Levi’s Marketing Mix

The jeans from Levis are of the Levis label and are genuine and unique regarding quality, color, and design. The design and style are based on current trends and comfortable clothing. The finest quality fabrics are utilized to ensure customers’ satisfaction with the product. The reason for the popularity in the Levis jeans market is mainly the contented customers.

It requires approximately thirty-three steps and goes through complex processes while making each garment. To ensure their durability, the garments come with double-stitched seams with five different sizes of pockets. The leather label is one of the distinctive attributes, and the small red-colored tabs are a sign of genuine Levis jeans. They are available in any color and size.

The jeans are further split into sub-brands such as Levis Strauss Signature, Dockers, and Levis. This brand is redefining the notion of jeans into designer jeans. Its Dockers is a casual-style brand, particularly for the Khaki category. The brand also has launched the feminine side of its clothing. The collection consists of casual tops, pants, and dresses.

Levis-Strauss Signature Levis Strauss Signature guarantees current fashions and top-quality products, such as denim jackets and jeans. They offer many products, including classic traditional styles and the most luxurious collections. In addition to jeans, the brand also sells jeans-related clothing, dress pants, jackets, and accessories such as sunglasses, wallets, belts, ladies’ bags, and shoes. They are offered to women, men, and kids.

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Place in the Levi’s Marketing Mix:

Levis is an international company split geographically into three divisions: Levi-Strauss America, Levi-Strauss Africa, Middle East and Europe, and Levis-Strauss Asia-Pacific. The company began its operations in its headquarters in San Francisco and later moved to different parts such as Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. To make its product known to the world, the company realized it had to make its product known and accessible.

Thus, the brand established an organized and well-controlled distribution channel. The first step of the strategy was to set up an establishment to manufacture the products. Then, the products were shipped to the company’s suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, and wholesalers. Then, it was delivered to the market, allowing consumers to purchase the items easily. Because the company is renowned for its clothes and accessories, its marketing strategy has an exclusive distribution policy. It chose to grant its franchisee dealers interest in becoming part of this company to reach the vast market. Special warehouses were rented to secure the stock.

The warehouses are located in every country in which they have outlets to allow for prompt distribution to occur. The company has modernized its distribution centers and expanded its sales channels, wanting to move quicker than its competitors in this highly competitive market. Levi’s Jeans can be purchased at any reputable retail store besides the numerous shopping malls. The Internet is one of the main selling avenues for business. The official website is available that allows you to buy the product. It is easy as buyers can look through the different colors and styles in their comfort. The option of home delivery with this channel is a nice perk for busy shoppers.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Levi’s:

The pricing strategy of each company is vital because customers are looking for the highest quality goods at the most affordable price. Levis has maintained a strict pricing policy for its products sold in various countries. Prices vary across countries due to the local context and also due to a variety of social and political influences. Since Levis is a well-known brand name, The company has ensured that the prices are constant for all regions.

The company doesn’t allow for price flexibility to ensure its image is exclusive. Thus, items are offered at the advertised price, which the head office already sets. The company’s pricing policy is not influenced by competition but by other elements like costing the market, affordability, and the demand to purchase the products. The company does not compromise on the quality or prices of its products since they are confident in its loyal customers.

Promotions in the Levi’s Marketing Mix:

Levis has chosen a smart and modern promotional strategy for selling their products. To enhance the brand’s visibility, Levis has sought active advertisements. It utilizes the idea of off-beat commercials, which are broadcast on different media outlets, including billboards, newspapers, and fashion magazines. The company has introduced new products regularly, such as reversible denim, which has helped them gain constant attention.

Levis has a broad and efficient strategy that incorporates the participation of stars. It has brought Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Akshay Kumar as brand ambassadors in India. They have chosen six brand ambassadors in the Philippines for the product, including Maxine Magolona Lauren, Young Shamcey Supsup, and Venus Raj. Levis has used the strategy of advertising through competition to market its products.

The brand has been pursuing striking and creative concepts that make an impression and leave an impression that will last on the consumer. One such advertisement included Akshay Kumar untidying his pants partially as part of an activity to promote the brand on the ramp. The controversial ad was a huge success immediately while giving the maximum exposure to the brand. The Internet is also an effective promotional platform for Levi’s products because buyers can easily navigate the numerous portals.

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