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Lush Marketing Mix: Lush Ltd is a private limited company based in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1995 by founders Liz Weir and Mark Constantine, a beauty therapist and a trichologist, respectively. It is a part of retail and deals with cosmetics. With the world shifting toward all things natural and green, Lush has maintained its position as a reliable natural beauty company in the retail sector.

Marketing Mix Of Lush

Marketing Mix Of Lush is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Lush, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Lush Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Lush.

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Lush Main Competitors

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Mark
  • Procter & Gamble Company

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Product in the Lush Marketing Mix:

Lush Marketing Mix

Lush is described by its clients in three words: verdant, green, and fresh. It is a brand of healthcare that produces a variety of items for your body products made with exclusively vegetarian or vegan recipes. The item’s products are 100% vegetarian and include fruits and vegetables as the principal ingredient, such as papaya, coconut, avocado butter, rosemary oil, vanilla beans, and grapefruit juice. Certain products contain beeswax eggs, honey, milk, and lanolin. Lush offers a diverse portfolio of products portfolio which includes a variety of products that deal with various organs, like

Face-Color Essentials, Teeth Products, Shaving Items, Lip Care masks, Steamers, Toners, Cleansers, and moisturizers

  • Cosmic Lad Moisturizer
  • Enchanted Eye Cream
  • Magical Moringa Primer

ShowerScrubs for Showers, Body Conditioners, Shower Jellies, Shower Gels, and soap

  • Face & Body Scrub Ocean Salt
  • Soap Rosebud
  • Soap Sexy Peel

Bathtub Bath Oils, Bubble Bars, and Bath Bombs

  • Dreamy Lavender Froth
  • Aphrodisiac Jasmine Soak
  • Bubble Bar Milky Bath

Hair:  Henna Hair Dyes, Styling Products, Hair Treatments, Conditioners Bars and Shampoo Bars, and Shampoo

  • Hair Moisturizer R&B
  • Shampoo BIG
  • Styling Cream Dirty

Body Dusting Powders, Deodorants, Body Tints, Massage Bars, Foot Care, Hand Care and Body, Cleansers Shaving Creams and Body Butters and Body Lotions

  • Beauty Lotion Dream cream for the body
  • Body Butter Scrub
  • Body and Face Cleanse Ocean Salt

Make-Up- Skin makeup and eye makeup

  • Eyeliner Independent
  • Skin Tint Charisma
  • Eye Powder Emotional Brilliance Face

Fragrances: Body sprays and Perfumes

  • The Body Spray Rose Jam
  • Body Spray Twilight
  • A Solid Perfume Breath from God

Place in the Lush Marketing Mix:

Lush is a brand that has a global reach, with its products available across more than fifty countries through around eight hundred stores. Lush began its journey in an isolated area in Poole within England and expanded its reach to cover a wide world area. The company’s headquarters are in Poole, England.

Manufacturing facilities for Lush products are being set up in various locations like Dorset and Poole within Dorset and Poole in the United Kingdom, Zagreb in Croatia, Ontario, Toronto, British Columbia, and Vancouver in Canada, and Dusseldorf in Germany. Lush produces its products in-house rather than through mass production at factory outlets to guarantee fresh products.

The company has signed certain partnerships to sell and market its products within its international market. Its products are available for purchase through its retail outlets and websites. It has agreements and tie-ups for online purchasing websites that sell its merchandise to potential customers. The company’s official website is its primary outlet for promotions and sales.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Lush:

Lush Marketing Mix

Lush is renowned for its unique cosmetics. It has established itself as an organic brand that provides natural products that do not contain any preservatives. It has women as its potential clients who want to live a natural and organic way of life.

It has given close attention to keeping its packaging expenses to a minimum to reduce the cost of its products. It also takes back old tubs that the products are sold so that it can reuse them and avoid additional costs. Packaging expenses are an integral element of any business, and by limiting them to a minimum, the company can keep its prices sensible and affordable.

Each of its products is made by hand and is therefore natural, which is why they can be expensive. Organic and handcrafted items cost more than products that are chemically produced. Lush has implemented a high-end pricing method in its product lines which tend to have middle or high-end prices.

Because its clients are health and beauty-conscious women living in urban areas, they will not be reluctant to spend a few dollars on these organic products. Lush is a premium product and has maintained its client base because of its need for more significant competition in the marketplace for consumers.

Promotions in the Lush Marketing Mix:

Lush is a well-known organic brand that has adopted various marketing strategies to market its products in retail. It is well-known for its unique products, and to ensure its quality, Lush takes great care to identify its products in black tubs with its unique brand name.

In line with its marketing policy, five black pots that are used are returned, and, as a result, the company offers a new face mask free of charge. The brand offers an in-store catalog with a newspaper-like format. Lush is a firm policy not to purchase any ingredients from companies that are adamant about testing on animals. They test their products with human subjects before being released into the market.

In 2007, the Charity Pot Campaign was introduced by Lush. It’s a hand- and body lotion. The company donates 100% of the purchase price for each product sold at its retail stores to small-scale groups that work towards animal welfare, human rights, and the conservation of the environment. Since its inception, the company has contributed approximately 10 million dollars to more than eight hundred fifty charitable organizations located in 42 countries.

Lush is an enthusiastic fan of Sea Shepherd, a group dedicated to protecting marine animals. It has participated in numerous CSR campaigns such as no Nukes, Stop the Tar Sands, and Save the Seals. The company has strong beliefs that are a part of Content marketing. Its official website provides videos, articles, product information, and more to keep in constant communication with its customers.

The company collects customer feedback and utilizes it constructively by making positive changes to the improvement of its products and its brand. The company also strives to reduce pollution by using minimal packaging and recycling its products. Lush has recently launched a new app that allows it to communicate directly with customers. The company is also heavily promoted through shop windows designed to inform customers.

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