Marketing Strategy Of Tropicana

Marketing Strategy Of Tropicana – Tropicana Marketing Strategy: Tropicana Products Inc. was established in 1947, by Anthony T, Rossi in Florida and, since 1998, it is owned by PepsiCo. This is an American multinational corporation and mostly sells fruit-based drinks. Its headquarters for Tropicana Products, Inc. is located in Chicago. Anthony T. 

Rossi started the business to make the fruits’ goodness available to all and it’s his drive for creativity and new thinking that keeps the company going to this day. The company was founded in India it was first introduced in 2004. it began with the juice of 100% and later afterward, the product range was expanded to include other juice-based drinks. 

In 2018, the business earned more than Rs. 1000 crore. 

Marketing Strategy Of Tropicana

Did You Know About Tropicana?

[wp-svg-icons icon=”office” wrap=”I”] Company : Tropicana

[wp-svg-icons icon=”user” wrap=”I”] CEO: Mark Giannantonio

[wp-svg-icons icon=”user” wrap=”I”] Founder: Anthony T. Rossi

[wp-svg-icons icon=”calendar” wrap=”I”] Year founded:  1947, Palmetto, FL

[wp-svg-icons icon=”location-2″ wrap=”I”] Headquarters:  Chicago, Illinois, United States

[wp-svg-icons icon=”stats” wrap=”I”] Annual Revenue: 1.07 billion U.S. dollars

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pie” wrap=”i”] Products & Services:  Fruit juice

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pacman” wrap=”I”] Competitors: Vinamilk | Kraft Heinz | Campbell Soup | Farmhouse Culture.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”globe” wrap=”I”] Website:

Marketing Strategy of Tropicana – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning


The segmentation method employed by Tropicana is extremely smart in that it seeks to achieve the highest profits for the business. The emphasis was always placed on making sure that their juices are completely natural and have been declared on every website they have. 

In terms of demographics, it is clear that the marketing campaign is targeted at all ages and those who have a middle or high income. According to psychological segmentation, it targets the healthy and those who prefer juice in place of soda or coffee. 

The market it serves is the ones who are looking for healthier options and make proactive steps to take proper care of themselves. 


The primary customers that are primary customers are those that are aged 21-30, who are more worried about their health, opt for a healthy diet, and are worried about their outlook. Other target customers are seniors that are concerned more with their health and outlook than their appearance. 

To be able to effectively reach out to consumers, Tropicana has a page on the website dedicated to educating the public about the advantages of Tropicana Juices. 


Tropicana is part of an international approach to promoting more nutritious and healthy beverages. It is marketed as a refreshing drink consumer should consider for those who don’t like drinks that are sugary and wish to manage their cholesterol levels and heart health. 

PepsiCo India repositioned Tropicana with Katrina Kaif as the brand’s ambassador. In the past, Tropicana was viewed as an international brand, but nowadays, it intends to cater to young people who are pressed for time and have their diet and health tips to meet their needs. 

Marketing Strategy Of Tropicana

Tropicana Mission Statement

Our mission as a division of Tropicana Community Services is achieved through culturally appropriate programs such as counseling, childcare, educational and employment services, and youth development.

Tropicana Vision Statement

Communities in which all individuals have equal access to opportunities to reach their goals.

Tropicana Tagline

let’s make breakfast 100%

Marketing Strategy of Tropicana – Competitive Advantage

Growth Strategy:  

PepsiCo India Vice President – Nutrition Mrs. Deepika Warrier said that Tropicana is aiming to launch 2.5lakh outlets across 330 cities. According to her, Tropicana has a clear strategy to increase the size of its business in the next five years. 

The most innovative approach that was employed by Tropicana was to offer Premium distribution of its products to customers through refrigerated juice aisles, as well as offering Tropicana Pure Premium more exposure to customers. Strategies such as this have contributed to creating an area of distinctness against the crowded beverages industry. 

Highly effective campaign:

Tropicana’s website Tropicana includes a separate section that is dedicated to the bloggers known as “TropiMamma” who are the experts on motherhood and other pertinent issues like eating healthily shopping for bargains and healthy family. 

“TropiMamma” initiative “TropiMamma” initiative shows that the brand is concerned about the needs of its customers and that the blogs aren’t just designed to interact with consumers but to offer them suggestions for how to live a healthy way of life. 

The brand also connects to customers via social media platforms like Facebook as well as Twitter as well. Tropicana is very open to the rewards and feedback received from its customers. 

Strategy for positioning:  

Tropicana has a very youthful brand positioning as well as Katrina Kaif as the face of the brand is featured in the “My Heath, My way” campaign. The change in positioning was accomplished through extensive research as well as gaining consumers’ information. The repositioning has been successful to benefit the brand, as it has become more appealing to the younger generation. 

High credibility:  

Tropicana is a brand with a long history that has been around for more than 60 years. It is old. It has become an international brand that has gained confidence and credibility from customers all over the world and has built a solid customer base. Tropicana is present in more than 61 countries and is constantly for geographical expansion. 

Tropicana Marketing Strategy – BCG Matrix

Tropicana is among the most rapidly growing brands of PepsiCo within the beverages sector. Consumption per capita of juices is growing throughout India and the segment of juice is experiencing rapid growth. 

PepsiCo India aims to double Tropicana’s revenue by 2020 and is working to improve the availability of its products, and focusing more on smaller towns and regions that are rural. They also updated their brand’s position strategy. Massive investments into marketing as well as branding are carried out through the company’s parents. 

Tropicana is a brand with high growth potential and is among the most rapidly growing brands. It is in the top section of the BCG matrix. 

Marketing Strategy of Tropicana – Distribution Strategy

According to Tropicana, the company plans to expand its distribution channel beyond the existing 1 lakh outlets and to increase the number up to 2.5 lakh outlets at the end of 2019. Tropicana is in a strategic alliance with Varun Beverages Ltd. (VBL) to sell and distribute Tropicana products across East as well as North India. 

The north region of India is the largest portion of sales of this brand. The strategic partnership with VBL has made Tropicana expand its distribution across both the East as well as the North part of India. PepsiCo is aiming to ensure that Tropicana is available at 250,000 retail outlets, and utilizes the chilling system that PepsiCo has already established for carbonated drinks. 

Marketing Strategy of Tropicana – Brand equity

The promising brand is Tropicana promises to offer high-quality, authentic fruit drinks to customers and inspire them to live an improved lifestyle. The distribution system is an excellent network that will make sure that the brand promise is maintained. 

Tropicana is a brand Tropicana is about allowing young people to live a healthier life as they would like it. The packaging used to be an orange fruit that had straws but it was later transformed into a glass of orange juice. The cartoon depicted the actual product inside. this method, however, did not work for the benefit of Tropicana since the product was unable to be recognized by those who were loyal to the brand and decided to go with their rivals’ products. 

Tropicana was unable to maintain the brand’s equity it had built over the past 60 years. At the present, Tropicana has revamped its branding to remain close to its loyal customers. 

Tropicana Marketing Strategy – Competitive Analysis

The principal competitors of Tropicana include Minute Maid Orange Juice and Real Fruit Juices in India and Simply Orange owned by Coca-Cola Company globally. The juices offered by these companies’ brands are 100% juice guaranteed. 

The major difference that separates Tropicana and its rivals are the cost of the juice. Real has increased 2.5 percent share, both in volume and value. However, Tropicana dropped 5 percent of its share, both in volume and value in the year 2018. ITC’s B Natural and Paper Boat both have gained a little share of the market. 

Marketing Strategy of Tropicana – Customer Analysis

The primary consumers of Tropicana are health-conscious young people who prefer Tropicana instead of less healthy alternatives such as Coke or Pepsi. According to studies, if people have had previous experiences with Tropicana they may choose to drink the drink immediately If they don’t, they usually conduct their own external or course studies. 

A study of those who drink the beverage found that the majority of them prefer Tropicana because it’s healthier and is a great supply of Vitamin D as well as a great drink to get you started on your morning.  

Tropicana Marketing Strategy – Promotional Strategy

Tropicana advertises its product based on two elements, one is that it is 100 100% pure, and the other is the fact that it is an abundance of fruits in every bottle. The themes chosen have been designed to ensure that they reach their targeted age group of 21-30. In its advertisements, Tropicana highlights health benefits to boost the sales of its product. The company uses the same themes throughout its advertisements, including the benefits of health and humor to draw the attention of the public. 

Tropicana is a popular brand with a lot of online presence and employs networks like GooglePlus, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well among others. The ads are displayed on magazines, billboards, and radio as well as other media. Tropicana is viewed as having a good promotional strategy, and the main attention has been placed on the design of its packaging. The packaging Tropicana highlights the quality of the product with “never from concentrate” testimonies. 

The brand attempts to communicate precisely what’s in the packaging. 

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