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Motorola Marketing Mix: Motorola Inc is associated with the telecommunications industry and offers various product lines. It was a publicly traded company that had American beginnings. Motorola was established in 1928 by Joseph E and Paul V Galvin brothers. In 2011, 4 the 4th of January, it was split into two public and independent companies. Motorola Solutions is considered its immediate successor, and Motorola Mobility 2012 was bought in 2012 by Google as well; then, in 2014, it was purchased from Google 2014 by Lenovo.

Marketing Mix Of Motorola

Marketing Mix Of Motorola is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Motorola, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Motorola Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Motorola.

Let’s talk about Motorola Marketing Mix.

Motorola Main Competitors

  • Sony Ericsson
  • Dell
  • Samsung
  • HTC

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Product in the Motorola Marketing Mix:

Motorola Marketing Mix

Motorola was an international organization that was involved in the development, production, and marketing of products that were related to telecommunications and electronic devices. The Company’s diverse portfolio of products range comprises:


  • StarMax- StarMax 5500, StarMax 3000
  • Handheld- HC700
  • Laptops- Mnope2, ML950, MW800


Consumer and Home Products

  • Cordless phones – C series, E series
  • Home Monitoring and Automation- Homesight
  • Cameras- HMVC3050, HMVC3075
  • Television receivers, as well as a vintage radio
  • IRadio music subscription service

Wireless Communications

  • Mobile network infrastructure for carriers– RXCDR, MSS, Dimetra, ASTRO 25
  • Data Networks- Canopy, Orthogon Systems, MotoMESH, HotZone Duo
  • Mobile telephones- A series, C series, Classic, Condor series, M series
  • Pagers- Numeric, Fire pagers
  • Two-Way radio- Mobile radio, Portable radio
  • Infrastructure
  • Base Solutions- Data Base Solutions, Transportable Base Solutions
  • Accessories- Wired, Bluetooth

Wireline Communications

  • Cable TV, broadband cable modems, TV receivers, Voice over IP

Telemetry Radios

  • RNET radio telemetry, Motorola APCOR

Place in the Motorola Marketing Mix:

Motorola is an American firm with a presence in various countries within the world markets, including China, Brazil, India, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. It had its headquarters in Schaumburg, which is located in Illinois. Motorola had a robust and broad distributor network that included third-party retailers selling their products at various locations, including supermarkets, mobile shops, malls, and discounted stores.

Also Read Marketing Mix Of Carwale – Carwale Marketing MixThe Company works with channel partners that offer mobility and communication services to its customers. It also has partnerships with partners in software and distribution partners to provide products or services to customers. Motorola has established a comprehensive online platform to sell its products, which can be purchased through its website and third-party retail stores on websites like Walmart, Costco, and Amazon.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Motorola:

Motorola Marketing Mix

Motorola has focused on the younger generation and professionals as its customers. clients. Its distinct looks and top quality have assisted the Company in reaching customers in the consumer market. Motorola uses the advantages of economies of scale to increase the production of its units, increase its production capacity, and bring down costs. It has implemented the pricing policy that skims price policy due to its advantages in terms of its new products.

When it is a while before it’s earned enough revenues and comparable products begin arriving on the market, the brand begins to lower its prices through its promotional efforts by providing incentives such as discounts and special deals. Motorola has also implemented a penetration policy to further advancements and increase the percentage of the market of its goods.

Promotions in the Motorola Marketing Mix:

Motorola is a globally recognized brand and has implemented a number of marketing strategies to get the most brand recognition. The brand’s ads are a hit through print and digital media in newspapers, televisions, magazines, and billboards. It has also made use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, in addition to its website and other shopping websites to give its brand unbeatable brand exposure.

The club signed a sponsorship agreement with Motherwell F. C. to increase sales for 11 years. Livingstone F.C. from 1998 until 2002. Richmond Football Club from 2004-2007, in addition to Club Bolivar in 2008. It was recognized with numerous awards for its services and products, such as the Company with the Most Innovative Enterprise Mobility Solution in 2010. It has sponsored many stars, such as Fergie and Danica Patrick. Motorola had appointed England football player David Beckham as its global ambassador. In 2006 Indian actor Abhishek Bachchan was also selected as the Company’s ambassador.

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