Oculus Rift Marketing Mix – Marketing Mix Of Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Marketing Mix: Oculus Rift is associated with virtual reality and was released on 28 March year. It is produced by the owner company Oculus VR, an affiliate of the primary Facebook Inc. It is a fierce competitor to many companies.

Marketing Mix Of Oculus Rift

Marketing Mix Of Oculus Rift is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Oculus Rift, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Oculus Rift Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Oculus Rift.

Let’s talk about Oculus Rift Marketing Mix.

Oculus Rift Main Competitors

  • HTC Vive
  • Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard
  • Project Morpheus
  • OSVR
  • Hololens

Oculus Rift official website: www.oculus.com

Product in the Oculus Rift Marketing Mix:

Oculus Rift Marketing Mix

Oculus Rift is a headset developed, manufactured, and sold by its creator. It created a variety of prototype models before its Kickstarter campaign. Five of them were shown to the general public, and two of these, DK 1 and DK 2 in 2013 and 2014, were the development kits that were then shipped back to the backers to build content for the time of the release of Rift.

The enthusiastic crowd eagerly bought both of them since they wanted an early glimpse into the technologies. Oculus Rift has features like a stereoscopic OLED display and a field of view of 110 degrees with a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz and a resolution for each eye 1080×1200.

These headphones can provide the ability to track rotation and position along with 3D audio effects. Constellation is the positional tracking system, and it is performed through USB-stationary-infrared-sensor that picks up light from IR LEDs. The 3D space is created, allowing users to use Oculus Rift while walking, sitting, or standing in the same area.

Place in the Oculus Rift Marketing Mix:

As per Oculus, Rift is a gaming device, with its main is centered around gaming. Rift support was included in AAA games such as Dirt Rally, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Elite: Dangerous, and Project CARS. It also contains a range of indie titles, such as Ether One and Aaaaa! Modding of low-level has been added to games such as Flight Simulator and Minecraft.

Also, Read the Marketing mix of Allianz – Allianz Marketing mixFacebook plans to make use of Oculus Rift’s technology for communication as well as entertainment, media, and communications since the company believes virtual reality could be on its way to being the next step in computing that extends beyond desktops to mobile devices. For the company that owns it, Oculus Rift is a platform for communication that allows you to connect unrestricted experiences and spaces with loved ones. Facebook is an extensive distribution network, and it’s simple to buy Oculus Rift via its website.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Oculus Rift:

Oculus Rift Marketing Mix

In 2012, Oculus began a campaign for the development of the Rift. It was a great success since it managed to raise 2.5 million dollars. DK 1 was offered as a reward for backers and sold for sale on the site at 300 dollars. Oculus Rift announced a free limited-edition Kickstarter item available to Kickstarter backers. The pre-order period began on 6 6 January 2016 at 599.99 dollars.

Rift is considered an open platform; therefore, developers do not require verification or approval to distribute and sell or develop content on it or pay licensing fees. Oculus Rift is an affordable and affordable virtual reality headset, as it has adopted a psychological price policy. The pricing is in the range of 599.99, and dollars represents a tiny incentive that has an enormous psychological effect on buyers because a consumer is willing to purchase it for 599.99 dollars and then pay an amount that is 600 bucks. The price difference is insignificant compared to the buyer’s psychological mindset.

Promotions in the Oculus Rift Marketing Mix:

Oculus Rift is a huge technology that has impacted gaming immensely. Facebook Inc has adopted powerful strategies to promote its product and build an environment that promotes brand recognition. During its marketing activities, the company gave out kits for developers to vendors, media players, agencies, and top brands. In London, Fashion Week retailer Topshop 2014 allowed customers to enjoy Catwalk using Oculus headsets. Marriot Hotels made Rift a permanent feature in their hotels. The company has focused on keeping its staff satisfied and has put in place several good plans to help employees. It provides competitive wages and complete health insurance coverage. Flexible working hours and vacation days of 21 days throughout the year, free meals on campus, and regular activities to relax.

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