SWOT Analysis of Voot – Voot SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis of Voot – Voot SWOT Analysis: Voot is an incredibly popular Indian subscription video-on-demand on-demand service. It was first introduced in the year 2016 and is situated in Mumbai, India. The company is the web-based version of Viacom 18. Voot is Viacom 18’s platform to distribute advertisements along with a video on demand. Voot is present in India and hosts around 40,000 video hours. It features a variety of shows from numerous channels such as Nickelodeon, MTV, and Colors.

The site has content in a variety of languages, including Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, and Telugu. In the first days of 2020 Voot is introducing a paid subscription service called Voot Select. Voot’s original shows Voot are available only to paid subscribers. Some of the shows are streamed on the day prior to the day it is launched on television for their paid subscribers.

Voot fun facts: Voot Select is a premium subscription plan which gives access to Voot Originals, the latest international shows, Live Channels, Ad-free Experience, and 24 hours Before-TV premieres of your favourite Colors and MTV content.

About Voot – SWOT analysis of Voot

SWOT analysis of Voot

[wp-svg-icons icon=”office” wrap=”I”] Company: Viacom18 Digital Ventures

[wp-svg-icons icon=”user” wrap=”I”] CEO: Chanpreet Arora

[wp-svg-icons icon=”user” wrap=”I”] Founder: Viacom18

[wp-svg-icons icon=”calendar” wrap=”I”] Year founded: March 2016

[wp-svg-icons icon=”location-2″ wrap=”I”] Headquarters: Mumbai

[wp-svg-icons icon=”stats” wrap=”I”] Annual Revenue: US$538 million

[wp-svg-icons icon=”bars” wrap=”i”] Profit | Net income: US$12 million

[wp-svg-icons icon=”users” wrap=”I”] Number of employees: 534

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pie” wrap=”i”] Products & Services: Free online streaming of TV Shows, Movies, Kids Shows – Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, and more with Colors, MTV, NICK, and many more

[wp-svg-icons icon=”globe” wrap=”I”] Website: www.voot.com

Voot Competitors

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pacman” wrap=”I”] Competitors: Netflix | Amazon Prime | Disney+Hotstar

SWOT analysis of Voot – Voot SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis of Voot

SWOT Analysis Of Voot is brand-based. SWOT Analysis of Voot evaluates the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Advantages and disadvantages can be attributed to internal factors while opportunities and threats can be attributed to external factors. We will be discussing Voot’s SWOT Analysis. Below is the detailed SWOT Analysis of Voot.

Let’s discuss the SWOT analysis of Voot.

Strengths of Voot – Voot SWOT analysis

1. Strong Brand Name

Voot is a well-known brand and has a large number of customers who choose to use it. Voot offers more than 35,000 hours worth of great and interesting content for a range of viewers with a variety of preferences and preferences. Voot’s strong name and brand is definitely impressive strength for the brand.

2. Voot’s Great Features

Voot, which is a video-on-demand platform offers a variety of services and comes with excellent features. The benefits of Voot are

Google Chromecast support: This feature lets people project their favorite shows directly to your screen.

Channel-wise Discovery: This feature lets users select shows to view according to the preferences of the channel. It can vary between Colors to Nickelodeon and even MTV and many others.

Language and Categories Sorting: This feature lets viewers sort the different shows according to categories and languages.

Choosing video quality: This feature comes with well-designed modes that allow the ability to switch between different modes and the different quality options based on your plans for data such as data saving, high quality, or auto.

Voot Originals: This feature lets users discover the top original content on the platform together. New content is coming from the users.

3. Large Customer Base

Voot has a substantial customer base and this is an important strength of the brand. The Voot customer base is delighted by its features, and its customers are spread across the nation.

4. Culture

Voot is a global network of connected screens and maintains an active tradition of process and diverse technological advancements in its products. The management at Voot is supportive of creative and ingenious concepts. The employees are continuously encouraged to participate in the diverse problem-solving process.

5. Production Scale

Voot is a producer with a huge scale which allows the company to reap the benefits of the sales economy. A wide range of products could boost the competitiveness of the company. This will also allow the company to manufacture high-quality products at a low cost.

6. Financial health that is good

After being in the business for over 4 years Voot is solid financial backing. This is an important strength for the company since it can explore new products to expand its reach.

Weaknesses of Voot – SWOT Analysis Of Voot

1. Poor Customer Service

Voot is a notable flaw in the way it provides client service. This is a problem that could damage the reputation of Voot. Even though the brand offers poor quality customer support, the brand could affect the base of customers in a significant way.

This is a real indicator that the business should be working to improve it before losing its image to the customers.

2. Inflexibility within the supply chain

Voot has a serious problem with its distribution chain. It is not equipped with an agile supply chain process. This is also a flaw for the brand since when the supply chain isn’t appropriate, it can cause disorientation of the whole system.

Opportunities of Voot – Voot SWOT analysis

1. An increase in the number of customers

Voot sees more possibilities within this market to expand the number of customers it serves. Therefore, Voot should find out innovative ways to market to grow its customers.

The brand may join different online platforms for social media to boost its image and, in turn, increase in customer base. If the customer base increases and the brand’s revenue grows, the brand will also increase.

2. Collaboration with local players from the local area

Voot believes there is a huge possibility of partnering with local players to improve the quality of its services. In expanding its reach to more people by leveraging local players, and an increase in the quality of its offerings, Voot sees a huge chance.

The overall customer base grows and its facilities ensure that the brand remains at the top of its game.

3. Premium products

Voot is a good idea to offer top-quality products that match the latest fashion. Therefore, it must ensure that its products are up and up-to-date to match the latest trends in the market.

4. Fewer New Entry

There’s a lower number of new entries into the market due to the stringent government rules. Because of the strict regulations for newcomers, they are fewer, which means there are huge opportunities for Voot to grow in the market.

Threats of Voot – SWOT analysis of Voot

1. Criticism from environmental protection groups

There is increasing criticism from environmental organizations for protection. This poses a serious threat to the brand’s image and will affect its image.

2. Piracy

This brand believes there is a danger in the field of digital pirates. This is especially true of the fact that people from all over the world attempt to download media online content. This is a major risk to the brand and could affect its image.

3. Competitors

There are a lot of such video-on-demand service firms that exist, which could be a major risk to the brand. Being a part of such an industry could draw customers to different platforms. Additionally, customers would have many options to choose from. Voot could have difficulty gaining new customers as well as keeping the ones they already have.

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This SWOT assessment of Voot that is discussed within this post has revealed the major strengths of the brand. This originates from its name, its excellent offerings for customers, and its large client base, implementing the right culture for customer service as well as having production sales in place and maintaining a healthy financial condition.

Its weaknesses are evident in the poor service it provides to customers, its failure to keep customers who are already there, and its inflexibility when it comes to its supply chain. Opportunities are presented by expanding its customer base, working with local companies, introducing top-quality products and services, and seeing fewer entrants into the market.

It faces a significant risk from the criticisms of environmental groups, the piracy issue, and a lot of competitors.

This is the SWOT analysis of Voot. Please let us know if you have additional suggestions to add.

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