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Urban Ladder Marketing Mix: Urban Ladder is a company that was founded at the end of July 2012 by Rajiv Srivatsa as well as Mr. Ashish Goel. The venture was founded in Bangalore to provide customers with top-quality furniture and furniture and home decor items through digital marketing.

Ashish was an IIT Mumbai alumnus whereas Rajiv is an ITT Madras alumnus with both the two having a wealth of knowledge of the business. Urban Ladder is present in 19 towns and cities throughout India, with a steady growth rate currently being observed.

In just 4 years, Urban Ladder has experienced significant growth and can now give opposition against Pepperfry, FabFurnish, and Housefull. But what is it that made Urban Ladder gain pace this quickly? The company’s marketing strategy is crucial in making the business the way it is.

Marketing Mix Of Urban Ladder

The marketing Mix Of Urban Ladder is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Urban Ladder, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Urban Ladder Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Urban Ladder.

Let’s talk about Urban Ladder Marketing Mix.

Urban Ladder Main Competitors

  • CustomFurnish
  • Pepperfry
  • LivSpace
  • HomeLane
  • HomeStudio
  • Foyr

Urban Ladder official website: www.urbanladder.com

Product in the Urban Ladder Marketing Mix:

Urban Ladder Marketing Mix

The business deals in various furniture types along with a variety of accessories for home decor. The company does not just offer items but also services. Also, when you place an order, they will install and deliver any item you purchase within their line. They offer over 5,000 items that customers can choose from.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Urban Ladder:

The founding partners Ashish and Rajiv had the difficult task of acquiring high-quality furniture when renovating their houses in 2010. At this time, they considered creating a business because they realized the gap that needed to be filled.

After several meetings and discussions, they decided on a final product. The product would be a combination of every aspect of furniture. It will involve the creation of an efficient website that could facilitate e-commerce for both the customer and the. Then they would provide and install the furniture according. Their most unique and, thus, most popular item is their Hamilton Nested Stool.

Multipurpose furniture is also one of their most famous pieces of furniture. This furniture comes with smaller shelving units, making it simpler to accommodate guests who aren’t likely to stay for a long time. They are all priced according to the quality and quality of the service provided.

Place in the Urban Ladder Marketing Mix:

Urban Ladder targets online buyers across India. Over the past four years, the company has been capable of expanding to at minimum 19 cities and is planning to expand to 30 cities over the months to come. It targets all medium and high-income earners, with some people with low incomes who conduct transactions online targeted. Urban Ladder will get to you quickly if you’re seeking furniture and furniture accessories and reside in India.

Promotions in the Urban Ladder Marketing Mix:

One of the practices that have earned the company an edge over its competition is the introduction of trial sofas at its customers’ homes. Also, when purchasing a sofa, you can take a few days to test it at home before deciding whether to buy it or move to a couch that will be more appealing and attract your attention.

This trend has never existed in the Indian marketplace for e-commerce. Quality of products is another method of marketing employed by the firm. Quality starts with its responsiveness on the web, ordering process, shipping delivery, installation, and customer service. In terms of how this company is judged, Urban Ladder tops its rivals.

It was because of the company’s commitment to its pursuit of excellence that the company successfully won the “Best Digital Start-Up” award at the 4th India Awards that the Internet & Mobile Association of India organized. The founder of Urban Ladder, Ashish Goel, was awarded the “Game Changer Entrepreneur of the Year” at the 8 edition of the India Leadership Conclave in 2016.

Urban Ladder does primary TV advertisements. Social media is the most powerful marketing strategy and avenue the company has used. While other businesses struggle with other SEO tools to get their message to customers who still need to arrive, These two IT experts realized that social media was one of the top SEO tools of the moment. It’s no wonder the company has the highest percentage of its advertising on Facebook. It’s worked. Because Urban Ladder is found in an image-based category, The company believes that digital marketing is highly significant and is.

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