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Volkswagen Marketing Mix: Volkswagen VW is an automobile manufacturing company with the name Volkswagen, a German name that translates to people’s Car. The company’s founder, Ferdinand Porsche, founded the company in the 1930s as Porsche started developing affordable vehicles that the average person could purchase. The first car prototype, KdF-Wagen, came out in the year 1936. Since then, the company has grown its activities and has become an international car manufacturer with incredible products, including the most well-known being Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen Group India traces its Indian Journey back to 2001 when it introduced its first vehicle brand, Skoda. In 2007, six years after the launch, it launched two other brands, Volkswagen and Audi and Audi, in India. In 2009, Volkswagen Group India had fifteen Volkswagen models, and the company was split into two parts: Volkswagen Group India and its manufacturing division, Volkswagen India Private Limited. Volkswagen Group India emphasizes every aspect of the marketing process to ensure that it keeps its brand name in high demand and profitable.

Marketing Mix Of Volkswagen

Marketing Mix Of Volkswagen is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Volkswagen, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Volkswagen Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Volkswagen.

Let’s talk about Volkswagen Marketing Mix.

Volkswagen Main Competitors

  • Audi
  • Honda
  • General Motors
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Nissan

Volkswagen’s official website:

Product in the Volkswagen Marketing Mix:

Volkswagen Marketing Mix

The dimension of Volkswagen Group India is something that has contributed to the growth of the business. Regarding products, the company provides a range of vehicles to ensure that customers are happy and satisfy their needs based on their diverse demands. The company has various products: Polo, Up, Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Passat CC, Passat, Sirocco, Tiguan, Touran, Eos Sharan, Phaeton, and Touareg. Take a visit to Volkswagen’s pages of models at Volkswagen to find out more about its offerings. The various available models and the models that customers purchase depend on the buyers’ tastes and preferences.

The most salient characteristics of Volkswagen products are as follows:

  • Quality cars that have the Brand name to back it
  • Excellent service and minor complaints.
  • Excellent Distribution for the product.

Promotions in the Volkswagen Marketing Mix:

During the first year of its presence in India, the company employed a variety of ATL media, such as TVCs and print media, to advertise its brand and products. However, when India was experiencing an increase in automotive market competition, and the market was booming, the company had no choice but to implement different advertising strategies such as BTL, digital or out-of-the-home media, and advertising through traditional media. Marketing91 is also using social media to advertise its products. To improve its image as a brand, The company also launched its all-encompassing marketing strategy in 2009. Marketing91 also organizes many automobile events in addition to various corporate functions.

To reach out to a more extensive customer base To reach a wider audience, the company lets customers purchase their cars through leasing. They do not have to shell out the entire amount to buy the vehicle. While this is an extremely popular technique widely used in the USA and UK, it could be more successful in India.

Place in the Volkswagen Marketing Mix:

Volkswagen Marketing Mix

Each Volkswagen automobile is produced and distributed across key areas to ensure the channels can easily access the cars and get the Car in time. Many car distributors across the country distribute the automobiles produced through the firm. The company’s goal is to enter the car market in India as it regards India as one of the biggest markets worldwide. The company’s marketing strategies focus on selling 300 cars of its iconic Beetle. The company is not new in the market in Indian Market, but it has seen a number of changes.

For instance, since Volkswagen is a company focusing on urban areas, customers won’t have to travel for more than 45 minutes before reaching the Volkswagen outlet. This means that the coverage of sales is relatively high. Additionally, Volkswagen has a great CRM system that keeps a steady track of its customers and their service needs and cross-sells other products from Volkswagen, such as annual maintenance contracts. The company is now required to examine Distribution in rural areas, where demand is high and it is also where the quantity is low. If a company plans to establish its operations in India, it should focus on rural areas, too.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Volkswagen:

The price varies based on the size, the level of exclusivity, the options available, and the engine’s power. Volkswagen prices vary from cheap to costly, as is the case with other automobiles. Yet, Volkswagen prides itself as an automobile manufacturer that produces cars that the average consumer can afford. But Volkswagen is a german firm, and since it is an exporter of India, numerous cost-related issues make Volkswagen less of a quality-for-money item as well as a pricey product.

You’ll find a difference if you contrast the Volkswagen Polo with a Hyundai I10 or Maruti Swift. The Polo is more expensive. So, while Volkswagen aims to make cheap cars at a lower price point, competitors are fierce. So, within the Sedan section. Volkswagen has higher sales. The most popular Volkswagen products include Volkswagen Vento along with Volkswagen Jetta. In some regions, the price of Volkswagen is higher, while in others, it is competitive. Volkswagen is a middle brand when it comes to prices. However, it is less expensive than BMW or Audi and isn’t the same price as Maruti and Hyundai.

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