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Aquafina Marketing Mix: Aquafina is a brand owned by PepsiCo. Its headquarters are in New York. PepsiCo was formed due to the merger between Coca-Cola and Lay-Fruit Inc. that began in 1965. The company is renowned for its production of many fruits and snacks. It is a significant player in the markets for consumers. Aquafina is among the successful businesses of PepsiCo. Net revenue estimates make PepsiCo the second largest corporation in the world that enjoys the monopoly of North America. In addition to Aquafina, PepsiCo has the following brands: lay, Miranda, &up, Cheetos, etc.

Aquafina is a bottled water brand owned by Pepsico, which deals with the sales of packaged water to customers and companies. It was the first time that a sale by Aquafina was made in 1994 at Wichita, Kanas. It soon spread across the globe. 2003 was regarded by many as being the year that saw the achievement of the company. Aquafina was the most popular bottle of water in the U.S.

The market for bottled water, which packs potable and natural water, has seen massive growth, which is why Aquafina is competing with various businesses. The largest competitor of Aquafina will be Kinley Water the Coca-Cola brand. In India, Bisleri is the most potent competitor to Aquafina, and Bisleri is the dominant brand in this Indian market.

In India, there is a significant amount of local competition. Besides international brands, consumers are affected by local and regional brands of bottled beverages, which is a substantial factor in the position of Aquafina on the market.

Marketing Mix Of Aquafina

The marketing Mix Of Aquafina is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Aquafina, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing the Aquafina Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Aquafina.

Let’s talk about the Aquafina Marketing Mix.

Aquafina Main Competitors

  • Kinley
  • Bisleri
  • Oxyrich

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Product in the Aquafina Marketing Mix:

Aquafina Marketing Mix

Water is a readily available source in many places; however, it is not available in some areas. Another reason for this is consumers’ fear of wanting to drink pure RO-filtered or bottled water. Water can be a great source, but clean drinking water or water for drinking is complex. Water from the tap can be a storage place for bacteria and microbes. That is why bottled drinking water is an ideal option.

To maintain the purity of bottled water, Aquafina has developed techniques to purify water and offer consumers the highest quality of bottled water. Aquafina has purchased PepsiCo’s hydro-seven filtration system in the last few months. Water that is low in calories is now a new product in the range of Aquafina.

In addition to producing the crystal clear bottled water sold under the Aquafina label, PepsiCo also offers products such as Aquafina flavored waters that are available in various flavors such as raspberries, grapes blast, berry, etc. The biggest consumer of bottled water is businesses as well. The 20-liter water jar is famous because it’s delivered in large quantities to companies needing more space to store bigger water coolers and prefer bottles of water.

There are several sizes the Bottled water is offered in. Larger sizes are intended for corporations, while smaller ones are designed for home use. Aquafina is also available in 1-liter as well as 2-liter PET bottles, and it is beginning to offer 5-liter PET bottles too. Individual customers use them. At functions and parties, Aquafina has started the 300 ml and 500 ml PET bottles available to guests in minutes.

Place in the Aquafina Marketing Mix:

Aquafina is similar to a standard product, which is commonly sold. Wholesalers are intermediaries in marketing their products. Retailers play a crucial role in the operation of Aquafina. Globally Aquafina is a plethora of middlemen and distributors that allow the product to reach the ordinary person easily. Distributors, wholesalers, and retailers enable consumers to purchase Aquafina.

One of the main elements determining the item’s success is its availability. If it is bottled water and it’s readily accessible, customers are less likely to consider the name. They are more likely to buy bottled water because it is a necessary commodity. One can only survive with water for a long time. Therefore, the business’s success entirely depends on how it distributes its products.

In 2009, Aquafina was the biggest retailer of Bottled water in the USA. Determining the exact figures for bottled water sales in the USA or other countries is challenging. This is more difficult in India due to the many local and regional bottlers. Within A-class towns Aquafina is the dominant brand. Bisleri also dominates the marketplace. In B grades and towns in C, the battle is between Bisleri and the other regional and local products.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Aquafina:

Since the distinction is minimal in the bottled water industry, price is the main element. The cost of products with a brand name is higher due to the transportation required from the manufacturing facilities to the customer. In addition, the investment in branding and marketing can also make it more expensive. The bottle may be less costly for the end user; however, the margins for mediators may be less, and the sales will be affected. The mediators push products where margins are greater. With the huge brand recognition of Aquafina, it’s safe to conclude that if a consumer is offered the exact product for the same price, he’ll prefer Aquafina to other brands.

The market for bottled water has been growing. While water is naturally available, bottled water is a unique exception. The various packaging types are assessed differently. Price is an essential aspect of attracting consumers and earning revenue, which is why Aquafina is highly selective in price. Prices in different countries and locations are determined based on the consumer marketplace. It’s primarily COMPETITIVE pricing as a result of Aquafina adjusting its prices according to the prices provided by competitors.

Aquafina is cost-effective pure water that is treated using the highest filter mechanism. In essence, they focus on the middle-income category for their products, considering healthy people between the ages of 25 and 35.

Promotions in the Aquafina Marketing Mix:

Promotion is a necessary business process to stay in with the changing demands of the market for consumer goods. It has employed the standard marketing technique to appeal to its customers. They have also embraced T.V. advertisements and ads in printed media to reach most effectively to the local populace at a low cost.

Without causing a lot of confusion, Aquafina is clear about the fact that they are a sober water brand that is free of any germs or bacteria. The concept behind the promotion is to contact customers locally, which is why a simple promotional device is used to advertise.

When compared to its main competitor, Bisleri, in India, There is plenty to like from Aquafina. In the world, Aquafina is a successful marketer and has many local points of purchase branding, marketing, and regular discounts and promotions to make its products more appealing to the market.

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