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China Mobile Marketing Mix: China Mobile is a StateState owned company that offers Mobile Services in china. It began operations in 1997 under China Telecom, which was later changed to China Telecom that was later changed to China Mobile, after a public offering in 1997 that yielded capital of approximately USD 2.5 million and a huge Capital Investment of around USD 600 million in 2004. China Mobile currently trades in more than thirty-one (31) provinces of China and mostly provides the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Additionally, it earns money from voice-based services and value-added services, e.g. Short Message Texts and mobile E-mail.

In 2008, China Mobile had a market share of around 72 percent, with subscribers of slightly over 457 million. According to the report of Forbes Magazine, Forbes Magazine, China mobile was ranked 78th of the top brands worldwide.

Marketing Mix Of China Mobile

Marketing Mix Of China Mobile is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of China Mobile, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing China Mobile Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of China Mobile.

Let’s talk about China Mobile Marketing Mix.

China Mobile Main Competitors

  • China Unicom Limited
  • China Telecommunication Corporation

China Mobile’s official website:

Product in the China Mobile Marketing Mix:

China Mobile Marketing Mix

The strategy for the business employed by China mobile is “service as well as business management”. To implement it effectively, the management must be creative concerning business offerings by offering personalized services.

The following three major products of China Mobile Group have unique features and functions that exceed the needs of customers.

  • GoTone
  • Shenzhouxing
  • M-Zone

The company has strengthened the aforementioned three brands through effective planning and management. In addition, to effective marketing, various tariffs are offered, not forgetting rebates and the unification of branding and image. Thus, better coordination between brands has created a more effective brand structure.

China Mobile has also introduced Call forwarding and Caller ID, Voice Mailbox, and Call Waiting Services to offer a range of features that meet customer needs. The company also offers Global Roaming as well as GPRS roaming services.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of China Mobile:

China Mobile has different price strategies for every product. Every product has a price range that has different customer levels, a monthly payment plan, charges for calling, and a separate cost account that is accountable.

Despite the intense competition within China and fierce competition in the Chinese market, the low pricing offered by China Mobile ensures its products remain competitive and maintain its market share. The diverse products available for each policy on service, i.e. Go Tone, for business use via M-Zone or text messages, and for entertainment, have resulted in different prices and distribution.

Place in the China Mobile Marketing Mix:

China Mobile Marketing Mix

China Mobile products are well-known. China Mobile product line is widely known in China cities with great importance. In Guangdong, China, Mobile’s market shares are greater than 70%, and 30 percent of it is the market being covered by competitors.

A number of promotions for product promotions are being conducted throughout Henan in addition to the Sichuan regions to draw in new customers. As the market leader in the Chinese Mobile Industry, CM also has a large market share across both the central and western China regions.

Concerning Corporate Social Responsibility, China Mobile supports development projects in areas like the Mainland of China, shifting the focus to the countryside to bridge the communication gap.

It is important to know it is important to note that China Mobile Roaming Services are available in over 300 countries, with GPRS Roaming Services covered in more than 160 countries.

Promotions in the China Mobile Marketing Mix:

Advertising is the primary method of promotion of products offered that are offered by China Mobile. CM channels most of its resources towards mass advertising to increase brand recognition and draw new customers. With its high-frequency and top-quality HD ads, potential customers are captivated and less likely to forget about the brand advertised.

Corporate social responsibility is being embraced as a different method of increasing brand recognition since most residents are committed to “one of their own” business.

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