Aquafina Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy of Aquafina – Aquafina Marketing Strategy: Aquafina is a name that sells bottled water manufactured through PepsiCo under purified bottle waters products. The brand first became available in Kansas in 1994. It was later much more widely distributed across Spain, Lebanon, Spain, Canada, Iran, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, and Turkey. The water bottles are available in a variety of flavors, including the citrus twist and the berry burst. Also, it comes in sparkling versions. It is sold under the Aquafina brand, other items such as wrinkle creams and lip balms are available. 

Aquafina utilizes a variety of treatment methods including ozonation, charcoal, as well as a host of other filtration methods to guarantee 100% pure water. Aquafina comes in a 1.5-liter pet bottle in 1-liter, 24-ounce, and 20-ounce versions.

Marketing Strategy of Aquafina

STP in the Aquafina Marketing Strategy

Aquafina is a special kind of market segmentation. It is a product that is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy hygienic, pure drinking water. It has identified consumers with similar desires that are looking to satisfy the needs of people while also achieving the goals of the company. In the context of the premise of behavioral segments, Aquafina tries to determine the various times when people want to drink pure water, such as when traveling or playing sports, attending food courts, concerts, and cafes, At various scales, Aquafina targets the market and this is the pet bottle, as well as the larger sizes (3-6 gallon) depending on the needs of different customers. 

Targeting : 

The intended customers of Aquafina are travelers as well as sports-loving concert-goers, and diverse occasions such as weddings, parties, etc. The primary target market for Aquafina is women seeking zero-calorie products, as well as men always on the move. 

Positioning : 

Aquafina is promoted in the marketplace as a refreshing and economical beverage that can meet the need of the market for water that is pure. It is advertised as a brand offering pure and clean water. 

Aquafina Mission

As people are moving toward a healthier and safer lifestyle, so Aquafina’s mission is to provide pure and healthy drinking water to its customers

Aquafina Vision

To become a recognized and respected leader in the community we serve through demonstrated knowledge, integrity, and quality of our actions

Aquafina Tagline

The purest part of you

Aquafina Marketing Strategy

Competitive advantage in the Aquafina Marketing Strategy

Purification process:  

The biggest benefit Aquafina has over its rivals has to do with the technological advancements it has invested in to guarantee the purest water to its customers. The company utilizes a state-of-the-art process that incorporates complex procedures such as reverse osmosis, and other processes that eliminate the salts, chlorides, and other elements that could alter the quality that is present in Aquafina water. The procedures for filtration are meticulously designed and implemented.   

Brand diversification : 

Aquafina doesn’t just offer bottled water, but also sparkling water and flavored water that are available in the market. There is a market demand for carbonated drinks that are declining due to consumers turning to healthier options. PepsiCo has changed its strategy on “value-added” packaged water that is enriched with vitamins and minerals, etc. Aquafina Vitamin Splash Aquafina Vitamin Splash retails at between Rs 50 and 30 and is very low in sugar than its rivals. 

BCG matrix in the Aquafina Marketing Strategy

Aquafina is valued as a more than 1000 crores brand. For PepsiCo, it is the Aquafina brand that is in the quadrant of stars. It has a percentage of the market that is 15% and is in second place after Bisleri which holds approximately 36 percent market share. Aquafina is expanding and performing well in the market. It is now catching up with Bisleri and Aquafina hopes to twice the growth rate of Bisleri in the next five years, with an increase of two times the number of sales. The company intends to continue growing the value of innovative products within its market. Because the soft carbonated drink category isn’t doing very well on the market, PepsiCo has been investing an enormous amount in the creation of new products, creation as well as marketing for its Aquafina brand. This means that Aquafina is a top name for PepsiCo. 

Distribution in the Aquafina Marketing Strategy

The bottled water from Aquafina is sold in a majority of departmental shops, as well as small local stores, and medical stores. PepsiCo provides bottled water to schools, businesses cafes, restaurants, as well as stadiums using third-party distributors and operators. Aquafina utilizes wholesalers as intermediaries to ensure that customers get their bottled water with ease. The company also makes sure that the water is available at fast food outlets and foot operators because the chance of bottles of water being sold alongside food items is very high. 

This method can help increase the overall sales of Aquafina bottles. The distinction between the brands in the category of bottled water is not easy because when the bottles are readily available in retail shops, people don’t think about the brand’s reputation when they choose the product. Aquafina makes use of the solid distribution network of PepsiCo to ensure that the product is available globally and readily accessible to consumers. 

Aquafina Marketing Strategy

Brand equity in the Aquafina Marketing Strategy

Aquafina is a top brand on the market for bottles of water. One benefit Aquafina can offer over its competitors is that it holds a greater market share, specifically in the new market. The Beverage Marketing Corporation has claimed that the bottled water brand will overtake the carbonated soft drinks category and become the top drink in the US by the year 2018. 

PepsiCo’s control of the Aquafina brand hopes to provide it with a good alternative revenue source when the market for soft drinks is at a record low. PepsiCo recently tried out its latest Aquafina Water Stations that offer sparkling water with a flavor and will check out how they perform in the marketplace. The innovative product is designed to be a distinctive solution to hydration on the go. 

 Competitive analysis in the Aquafina Marketing Strategy

Bisleri is the top competitor to Aquafina It has a high market share, and is completely dominating the market. But, Aquafina offers better performance in the emerging markets. In India, there are numerous duplicate and private label brands that have taken over the market share of Aquafina. The local and regional brands are a major factor in Aquafina’s expansion in India. Indian market. 

Within the A town, which is where the brands Aquafina and Bisleri are the most popular, they haven’t been able to gain traction in the grade B or C towns and where there is a battle between the local brands. Aquafina was the most popular producer of bottled water in the USA up to 2010. Other brands such as Kingfisher McDowell’s No. 1 Bailley as well as Kinley are also well-known among Kinley and Bailley is also popular in the Indian market. Bisleri has the largest percentage of market shares, which is 36%. Coca-Cola’s Kinley with 35% of the market as well as Aquafina which has a 15% of the market. 

Offering water that is pure and pure is not easy. A recent study revealed that 90% of the companies that offer bottles of water are contaminated by plastic. To keep ahead of the pack, Aquafina needs to make investments in its capabilities and R&D to ensure higher quality water. 

Customer analysis in the Aquafina Marketing Strategy

The new, flavored version of Aquafina is targeted at young people aged 13-19 years old. It is a billion-dollar company mainly consumed by those who travel and are seeking a brand-name and reliable product for packaged water. Consumers expect the packaged water to be accessible, come with certain methods of purification that guarantee absolute safety, be convenient to carry and come priced at an affordable price and Aquafina is all of those. The new flavored water will fill in the gap that is currently occupied by “zero-calorie, great-tasting” varieties of products for PepsiCo. 

Promotion Strategy in the Aquafina Marketing Strategy

Aquafina utilizes a variety of traditional advertising methods to market its products including print, radio, and also distinctive online and digital advertising strategies to ensure the presence of the brand is positive. Aquafina makes use of social media to generate hype about its products, as well as user-generated videos that help to build an appealing image of the brand about its products. 

The market for bottled water is crowded, and a point for differentiating is crucial. Aquafina believes that, if there were no efforts to develop branding it will be based on prices and, in this case, private label companies would be extremely successful. Through its association and partnership with PepsiCo Aquafina can provide a point of differentiation. 

Aquafina is also announcing its purification procedures and claims the authenticity of its products. Consumers tend to trust more when the processes are explained to them. As a result, the trust factor grows. 

Through coupons, contests as well as other giveaways, Aquafina is regularly seen in the media to promote its products. Numerous partnerships for sports promotions such as sponsorships for Major League Soccer, the New York Giants, Major League Soccer, and other events have brought more attention to the image of Aquafina. Aquafina brand.  

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