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Armani Marketing Mix: Giorgio Armani founded the brand in the year 1975. As a designer, he created clothing with his own taste in style, elegance, and elegance, which has attracted the most powerful and famous across the globe from Hollywood to the royals. Since its inception at the beginning of 1975 Armani was a privately-held company, with Giorgio Armani as its sole owner.

With a variety of sub-brands as part of the parent label from Giorgio Armani to cater to the specific needs of various market segments, the brand has evolved into an influential and highly valued luxury and fashion brand around the world.

Marketing Mix Of Armani

Marketing Mix Of Armani is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Armani, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Armani Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Armani.

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Armani Main Competitors

  • Calvin Klein
  • Gucci
  • Burberry
  • Salvatore Ferragamo

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Product in the Armani Marketing Mix:

Armani Marketing Mix

Like many clothing houses, Giorgio Armani has been built on the distinct personal style and character that Giorgio Armani himself has proven through the creation of designs.

Giorgio Armani’s signature Giorgio Armani line is the top collection of clothes made up of the signature Armani suits, which are aimed at people between 35 and 50 years of age.

Armani Collezioni is a venture into a less segment of the market. This is basically a group of those who desire to sport Armani clothing but aren’t able to afford the most expensive line of Armani.

Emporio Armani is targeted especially towards the younger professional segment between the ages of 25 and 35 and offers contemporary designs that are applicable to the targeted customers.

Armani Jeans are the cheapest price range of Armani clothing that is geared towards the younger adults of the 18-30 years old age bracket. Armani Jeans is the Armani Jeans collection that provides an elegant, luxurious, and stylish range of clothes.

Place in the Armani Marketing Mix:

A/X Armani Exchange is a chain of retail stores owned by the Armani fashion house, licensed to be the most prestigious evidence of the brand’s affluence. Offering a complete range of clothing and accessories, Armani Exchange showcases customers with an entire experience of luxury style.

Presently, the Armani group has a retail chain of sixty Giorgio Armani boutiques, 11 Collezioni, 120 Emporio Armani, and 94 A/X Armani exchanges. It also has 13 Armani Junior 1, Giorgio Armani Accessori and 16 Armani casa spread across 37 countries.

Giorgio Armani also offers its fragrance and cosmetic ranges online. The site has the same style features as its stores, and also includes a beauty bar that allows customers to browse the items displayed before them. A different feature that is unique is a real-time model which lets the user see the products, such as lipstick that are applied to an on-screen model, which allows them to test the shade on their own.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Armani:

Armani Marketing Mix

Giorgio Armani with its illustrious reputation with the elites of society as well as the fashionable segment that is the marketplace has made sensible steps to expand its product line to attract customers with different prices.

The iconic Armani suits are of the highest high-end cost points. This Armani Collezioni brand has a price tag that is 20% less than the regular line and offers a wide range of fashionable and affordable styles. Armani Prive’s line of fragrances is the most democratic segment of fashion because anyone can purchase an item from a big brand for a fair cost.

Promotions in the Armani Marketing Mix:

An annual fixture at the Annual Academy Awards, Giorgio Armani is the luxury and exclusive style wear that includes the Armani suits worn by most prominent Hollywood men, as well as those Armani evening gowns as well as other high-end gowns worn by stunning Hollywood women.

On another extravagant occasion in New York, attended by more than 2,000 readers of Paper magazine and a dash of stars, Armani admitted common people to attend the catwalk fashion show, which included Ricky Martin showing off his collection in Armani fashions.

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