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Arrow Marketing Mix: This was an American brand that specializes in premium clothing. The foundation for this was established in 1851. However, the official launch of the brand on the market was in 1885. Ebenezer Brown was the first to launch the brand, and it began with detachable collars and continued striving to innovate to bring authentic American fashions of clothing. The brand has a presence in 555 countries across the globe and has clothes for women, men, and children.

With increasing competition in the clothing sector, with new brands constantly appearing, it becomes difficult to keep your percentage of the market. Arrow is a brand that Arrow is also facing competition from international brands, including Blackberry, Louis Philippe, Park Avenue, etc. in the premium-clothing sector. In order to remain in the market, it’s crucial to know the strategy for the survival method for the company.

Marketing Mix Of Arrow is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Arrow, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Arrow Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Arrow.

Let’s talk about Arrow Marketing Mix.

Arrow Main Competitors

  • Park Avenue
  • Zodiac
  • Blackberry
  • Van Heusen
  • Louis Philippe

Arrow official website:

Product in the Arrow Marketing Mix:

Arrow Marketing Mix

The clothing line that Arrow offers broadly is classified according to:

  • Arrow Formals
  • Arrow New York
  • Arrow Sport
  • Arrow woman

From these, the Arrow USP for Arrow is a formal men’s shirt with premium quality. The most well-known iconic Arrow shirts Arrow are white shirts, that have created a tradition for professionals with white collars. The Superluxe shirt is completely wrinkle-free and without visible stitches and thus providing a perfect look. The travel clothing by Arrow will ensure they are a great choice for people who travel frequently. Styles such as Apple cut slim fit, regular fit assures that every type of requirement for customers is met.

Place in the Arrow Marketing Mix:

Arrow’s shirts are renowned for their quality and the finish they provide. In urban areas, people who are living in the high-end and upper-middle classes are among the customers of the company. Individuals who want to live more formally such as business executives or working professionals are the ones who are awed by brands such as Arrow and the brand appreciates those customers by delivering a superior quality product that meets the expectations of the client.

This is why Arrow is usually found in exclusive outlets. It is not accessible in any typical retail store. Some malls will have designated Arrow showrooms. In addition, the latest retail chain will offer a section devoted exclusively to Arrow Shirts. Due to the popularity of these Arrow Shirts that they sell in massive quantities on the internet as well.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Arrow:

Arrow Marketing Mix

With the wide variety of choices in clothing today, it is difficult to keep brand-loyal customers, and changing brands is quite frequent. The biggest competitors for Arrow in the area of premium clothing include brands such as Park Avenue, Zodiac, Blackberry, Van Heusen, and Louis Philippe as well as Louis Philippe, Zodiac, Park Avenue, and Van Heusen. Arrow has a high-end pricing policy due to the high quality of the clothing and the branding value that it offers.

Arrow shirts can be purchased on the internet and in physical stores, and the price differs based on the type and style. There’s not much variation in the price of its rivals. However, what makes a distinct element is the image of the brand, word-of-mouth opinions regarding the brand, as well as other elements that influence the purchase choice.

Promotions in the Arrow Marketing Mix:

One of the primary goals of the marketing strategy plan of marketing initially was to build the brand to represent values like adventure, freedom as well as personal expression. They attempted to create emotional connections with their customers via dealerships and retail stores in shopping malls. Arrow is a company from the USA that was founded on the basis of tradition and is a major player behind it. It has been thriving and surviving for the last one and a half centuries, so it understands its market well.

To increase their market share, they made tie-up in conjunction with online shopping websites, and also offered incentives such as gift vouchers or free shirts upon purchasing a number of shirts. Involving celebrities in your brand’s image is always a great option in the apparel industry. The same Arrow was the case when it appointed Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal as the company’s Brand Ambassador and released Superluxe Arrow shirts with a stitchless design. This demonstrates the importance of branding integration with its target group of customers, which are mostly men aged between 25 and 45 years of age.

There are other competitors that, even without a brand ambassador, are putting up an extremely difficult fight on the market against Arrow and it’s an ongoing business to be alert to stay ahead in the marketplace.

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