Baidu Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy of Baidu – Baidu Marketing Strategy: In 2000, Baidu was founded by Mr. Robin Li, a creator of hyperlink analysis technology, Baidu is a search engine platform. It’s a productor service that has become more popular among numerous product categories on Baidu has a presence in. Baidu is a Chinese internet giant and is the owner of several companies that are similar to those offered by Google. 

Marketing Strategy of Baidu

Did You Know About Baidu?

Company : Baidu

CEO: Robin Li

Founder: Eric Xu, Robin Li

Year founded: January 1, 2000

Headquarters: Beijing, China

Annual Revenue:  CN¥107.07 billion

Profit | Net income: CN¥22.47 billion

Products & Services: The dominant internet search engine company in China

Competitors: Yandex | Alibaba | 51job | NetEase | |  ByteDance | Shanghai Weaver Network Technology | Google


Baidu Fun Fact: Robin Li and Eric Xu founded Baidu in the early 2000s and managed to raise $1.2 million in the seed funding round from Integrity Partners and Peninsula Capital – both Silicon Valley venture capital firms. In September, the company had grown big enough to secure another round of funding from a pair of venture capital firms, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and IDG Technology Venture that invested $10 million in Baidu.

Baidu Marketing Strategy – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

Baidu makes use of a combination of demographic, psychographic, and behavioral variables to classify market segments. market and provide users with user-centric information and services as well as its meta-market products/services like news, images videos, maps, and many more. 

A differentiated targeted technique is utilized by Baidu to provide every user with a customized and efficient platform for search analysis. 

It is positioned on the type of platform it offers to both individuals as well as companies to communicate with each other, share information and connect. 

Baidu Mission Statement

“To provide the most reliable & simple platform where people can find what they are searching for”.

Baidu Vision Statement

“Not Available”

Baidu Tagline

“You will know anything & everything by using it”.

Marketing Strategy of Baidu – Competitive Advantage

Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine for languages. platform, which helps communities network, and exchange information and information. 

With approximately 700 million (which includes 60% of total users) mobile users, the company is transforming the ways of engaging customers and the people. 

Being in businesses that are connected has assisted the company to offer an array of products and services to its clients. 

Baidu Marketing Strategy – BCG Matrix

“Baidu search engine”, “Baidu PostBar”-query community based on Baidu, “Baidu encyclopedia”, “Baidu Knows”, and many other internet-based services are cash cows thanks to being the most popular and dominant across China the country. Google as well as other engines do not exist in China because Baidu is the most popular. However, there’s always the issue regarding the growing market rate, which is slow for Baidu and other search engines. 

Marketing Strategy of Baidu – Distribution strategy

Baidu utilizes the Baidu search engine, as well as other related platforms, which are referred to as Baidu union, to provide its services available to users of all ages and business users. 

Baidu Marketing Strategy – Brand equity

With a high TOMA (top consciousness) Baidu is ruling the Chinese market. In reality, Baidu is one of the first companies admitted to Nasdaq. Due to the specialized knowledge and expertise, Chinese Baidu is ahead of competitors in various businesses within China’s local marketplace. 

Marketing Strategy of Baidu – Competitive Analysis

Following Google was forced to leave in 2010 China gave Baidu the chance to profit from course services by simplifying its operations along the same lines as Google. Google. 

The majority of its revenue is derived from courses selling services. 

Baidu Marketing Strategy – Market Analysis

While there are a vast amount of IT players operating in the most technological and competitive market, Baidu being the dominant player, and its strategic alliance with other companies in the meta-market, are aiding the company to maximize its returns on investment while in the process, aiding users to be connected. 

Marketing Strategy of Baidu – Customer Analysis

Since Baidu has its headquarters in China the users of Baidu are of all ages category who want to look up everything and anything online. Baidu provides community-based services, such as PostBar that allow people in China to communicate and share their thoughts and experiences with various items through its internet. 

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