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Dove Marketing Mix: Dove is a division of the main business of Unilever and is closely associated with personal health. It was first introduced to the consumer market in the United Kingdom in 1955. Dove is part of the FMCG sector. Its primary feature is that it has proven to be a single item with two functions, such as an oil-based moisturizer and an essential ingredient for dry skin. Dove targets women of every size or shape for its target market. Since Dove’s products are priced higher than the competition, it has targeted the upper and middle classes of women.

Marketing Mix Of Dove

Marketing Mix Of Dove is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Dove, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Dove Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Dove.

Let’s talk about Dove Marketing Mix.

Dove Main Competitors

  • Nivea
  • Neutrogena from Johnson & Johnson
  • Olay Procter & Gamble

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Product in the Dove Marketing Mix:

Dove Marketing Mix

The manufacturing process of Dove products is made up of Dove product is based on the use of primary ingredients such as vegetable oils, artificial surfactants, and salts from animal fats, and zero concentrations in Ph and 1/4th moisturizing cream. The brand offers products primarily for women and is dedicated to providing products that enhance their appearance. Its products include the following:

  • Facial care products – Dove Deep Pure Face Wash
  • Products for hair care include Dove’s Oxygen Moisture conditioner
  • Moisturizers/lotions- include Dove Go Fresh Bathing lotion, Dove Purely Pampering Shea butter, and warm Vanilla Body Lotion
  • Beauty bars, which include Dove Go Fresh Bathing Bar, Original Cream Beauty Bathing Bar
  • Body wash – also includes Dove Go Fresh Body Wash
  • Deodorants/antiperspirants- Includes Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

Place in the Dove Marketing Mix:

Dove is an internationally renowned brand that has a global presence. The Dove network spans different parts of the world. Production of its products is carried out in various countries such as those the United States, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Philippines, Pakistan, Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland, Israel, Indonesia, India, Germany, China, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina. The products are distributed to nearly eighty countries, thanks to an efficient and effective distribution channel. This includes retailers to manufacturers to customers through retailers, general store convenience stores, discount stores, supermarkets, malls, and hypermarkets. Retailers must ensure that the products are accessible to customers at their specific stores with the assistance of at least two thousand five hundred retailers.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Dove:

Dove Marketing Mix

Dove is portrayed as a premium product on the market; however, Dove has an integrated pricing policy for its products. This keeps its pricing reasonable and affordable yet distinct. In comparison to other products from its rivals

Dove items are sold more expensive; however, its quality products have been a massive contribution to the brand’s image as it has successfully implemented its pricing policy.

Women see Dove as a luxury product and are willing to shell out a few dollars on products for personal care that can help improve their appearance. Dove has implemented an approach to pricing that is value-added for all of its products since consumers generally associate high-priced products with high-quality products.

Promotions in the Dove Marketing Mix:

Dove is a brand with a solid reputation in the consumer market, and this is possible due to branding and advertising. Marketing policies significantly impact the creation and success of an established brand. Advertising and campaigns increase the brand’s visibility and have an impact that is positive on the consumers’ minds. Advertising for various items of Dove is shown on various television and radio channels. The company has also brought in the print media to advertise its products with advertisements in magazines, newspapers, and billboards.

Advertisements focus on the consumer and their reaction to the use of the Product. It is her acceptance of the Product the viewer connects with and can positively affect her thinking. Dove has adopted an unusual promotion policy for its goods. Instead of using celebrities, the company chose an ordinary woman who appears remarkable after using the Product. The ads used the term Real beauty within the context of confidence, thereby creating an impressive base of customers on its own. Dove additionally has a strong media presence on social platforms via Twitter and Facebook and has also built an online fan base that is it’s own.

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