Emirates airlines Marketing Mix – Marketing Mix Of Emirates airlines

Emirates airlines Marketing Mix: Emirates airlines were launched in 1985. They are the UAE’s flagship carrier. The Dubai airport is where the airline’s headquarters are located. Dubai government owns the airline, which is the biggest in terms of passenger numbers, revenue earned, and fleet size. Emirates Airlines has created a brand for itself in the aviation industry with its reliable and distinctive services. Air France, Lufthansa, and British Airways are Air France’s main competitors in the aviation industry.

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Marketing Mix Of Emirates airlines is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Emirates airlines, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Emirates airlines Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix of Emirates airlines.

Let’s talk about Emirates airlines Marketing Mix.

Emirates airlines Main Competitors

  • Singapore Airlines
  • SkyWest
  • International Airlines
  • Air Asia
  • Cathay Pacific Airways

Emirates airlines official website: www.emirates.com

Product in the Emirates airlines Marketing Mix:

Emirates airlines Marketing Mix

Emirates airlines have a diverse fleet of products, including Boeing’s wide-body aircraft and Airbuses. The company maintains a competitive streak and orders giant airplanes to deliver. The products include excellent and consistent services, which have helped to drive rapid growth and increased revenues. Emirate Airlines has maintained a professional yet personal approach to its customers to provide quality services.

It was the first to provide customized videos in all classes of aircraft. It offers its customers services such as First, Business, and Economic classes. First class is designed for passengers who want to travel in comfort. It includes flat beds that can be made into flat beds, minibars, storage facilities for privacy and security, and private suites.

Business class seats have winged headrests, privacy partitions, massage functions, USB ports, and laptop sockets. The ICE system also offers entertainment options. Every seat has an overhead and reading light. All passengers can travel in Economy Class. Standard-size seats with adjustable headrests and power outlets for laptops are available.

The airlines provide services to customers and employees such that they offer better housing and health benefits, keeping internal customers satisfied.

Place in the Emirates airlines Marketing Mix:

Emirates airlines manage its entire operations from Dubai airport. It operates approximately 3,500 flights per week. Its global network spans six continents, seventy-eight countries, and one hundred forty-two cities. It is unique because it operates non-stop commercial flights on the longest routes from Dubai to Houston, Dallas, and San Francisco.

Airlines have used their strategic hub locations to maximize the benefits of being a global transporter. Dubai’s position is so favorable that it allows direct flights between east and west. Many new routes have been introduced by Emirate airlines, which have proven to be beneficial for both the airline and passengers.

Because of its increasing fleet size, Emirates has been able to enter new markets. The distribution strategy for Emirate airlines involves allocating and disseminating tickets through travel agents or tour operators. The official website provides information on incoming and outgoing flights, changes to flight schedules, purchasing of flight tickets, cancellations, and current discounts.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Emirates airlines:

Emirates airlines Marketing Mix

Dubai being the main link between East and West, the company can offer low-cost tickets to its customers compared to other airlines. The company has used the shortest routes to offer its customers direct flights to many locations at affordable rates. It has maintained an efficient pricing policy due to its direct flights. Customers can save money by not having to stop over.

Emirates’ ability to hire low-cost labor has allowed it to reduce the cost of its fares. Because of the high number of passengers, this pricing strategy gives them a competitive advantage. Emirates has adopted the strategy for dynamic pricing. This allows for the best possible price for each seat and helps to manage the airplane’s seat capacity. This allows for flexible pricing of the seats.

The company’s pricing policy is flexible to meet the needs of different segments of society. The company uses a premium pricing policy for distinguished customers who require high-quality, luxury, and exclusive services. Only the uber-wealthy can travel in this luxury class.

Promotions in the Emirates airlines Marketing Mix:

Emirates Airlines has launched a campaign to promote its airline, which is very competitive. The slogan “Fly Emirates” is very fitting. Keep exploring. Keep Discovering” is the vision for the company. They are focused on building and maintaining their position as global leaders in aviation.

Emirate airlines believe that they can offer special discounts on airfares during off-seasons to attract more passengers. They also use marketing techniques. They have used traditional and modern marketing strategies to attract different segments of customers. Advertisers were placed in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and radios to reach diverse customers. Their website is also available in at least nine languages. They also sponsor events and programs such as the 2011 and 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. They are also official sponsors of Arsenal football club.

The company also offered a limited-time package for children as part of its promotional activities. The scheme allowed parents to take two children under 16 years old. Two paying adults could accompany the children and pay for their tickets, meals, and accommodation. The campaign “The Kids Go Free” successfully attracted people from around the globe to Dubai. Emirate airlines were granted special privileges and cooperation from tourism companies. Families began using the airline regularly.

Emirates Airline Foundation is committed to aiding deserving nations under challenging times. It is a non-profit organization that provides charitable aid during natural disasters or tragedies, regardless of political, religious, or geographical boundaries.

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