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Kenya Airways Marketing Mix: Kenya Airways Limited is known as Kenya Airways and is a national carrier for its home country of Kenya. Its name suggests that it is closely associated with the aviation industry. It was established in 1977 on the 22 of January. Of January. However, it began its operations on the 4 4 of February 1977.

Initially, Kenya Airways was fully owned by the Government of Kenya. Still, in 1996, it was transformed into an independent public company, with the Government of Kenya, its principal shareholder. It is a part of the African Airlines Association and Sky Team.

Marketing Mix Of Kenya Airways

Marketing Mix Of Kenya Airways is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Kenya Airways, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Kenya Airways Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Kenya Airways.

Let’s talk about Kenya Airways Marketing Mix.

Kenya Airways Main Competitors

  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • EgyptAir
  • South African Airways

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Product in the Kenya Airways Marketing Mix:

Kenya Airways Marketing Mix

Kenya Airways is a leading airline operating on an international and domestic international circuit that transports passengers and cargo. It offers its clients the most up-to-date facilities and top-of-the-line products, including on-ground and on-air services for its prestigious customers.

In 2016 November 2016, Kenya Airways had a fleet of 45 airlines, including Boeing, the 737 300F Embraer, the ERJ190 Boeing 737-700, and a few other aircraft to run its business efficiently. In-flight services are separated into classes or divisions. Entertainment options differ depending on the class you travel to and the specific aircraft. Music channels, overhead screens, background music, and in-seat personal touchscreens are available to all passengers.

Kenya Airways has a frequent flyer program called Flying Blue which was launched in 2005. The members of Platinum Elite and Gold Elite clubs enjoy services in JV Lounge. They are only available to passengers who fly on Kenya Airways and its partner airlines. Services offered at Simba Lounge are available only to passengers on business flights of Kenya Airways. Kenya Airways has a highly efficient maintenance system that allows for overhauling the aircraft, upholding it, and checking its aircraft.

Place in the Kenya Airways Marketing Mix:

Kenya Airways is one of the leading Sub-Saharan operating companies. Its headquarters are in Embakasi in Nairobi, and Jobo Kenyatta International Airport is its primary entry point. It operates flights both on the international and domestic fronts. Kenya Airways undertakes on every week forty-five cargo and passenger flights to 24 international destinations every year, including seven flights to Europe and the rest to Asia and African countries.

It is a reputable distribution network, which includes international offices in 22 countries, 24 general sales agents based in 18 countries, twenty-six cargo representatives, and ninety-seven travel agencies. Kenya Airways has an official website from which it is simple to book, cancel, and get complete information on the airline. The airline has agreements with travel agents, tie-ups with travel agents, and alliances with travel agencies. Customers can access pertinent information via their social media platforms.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Kenya Airways:

Kenya Airways Marketing Mix

Pricing the policy of a company is essential since it has a direct influence on the performance results. Kenya Airways has adopted a reasonable price strategy for every one of its offerings. It provides fares at affordable prices to ensure that passengers who travel in business and economy class can afford the prices. The rates are contingent on the category and the flight the passenger would like to travel on.

Kenya Airways wants to make further progress in its consumer market. However, it faces stiff competition from airlines. Therefore, it has implemented a competitive and penetration price approach because it will aid in penetrating and dealing with rivals.

Promotions in the Kenya Airways Marketing Mix:

The marketing policy for Kenya Airways includes creating a positive image of the brand on the market for consumers. Msafiri is the magazine available on the airline’s flight and is provided to each customer, regardless of which flight or class they are traveling in. Kenya Airways has adopted an aggressive marketing strategy that has led to the launch of numerous campaigns through print and electronic media. Its commercials are broadcast on various popular television channels and printed in various publications and travel magazines. Kenya Airways has utilized social media to the fullest extent. Advertisements are shown frequently on travel websites, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. A potential customer can find relevant information on the official website.

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