Lufthansa Airlines Marketing Mix – Marketing Mix Of Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines Marketing Mix: Deutsche Lufthansa AG is known as Lufthansa. It has German origin and is connected with the aviation industry. Lufthansa Airlines was founded in 1953. However, it was able to begin operations in 1955. It was previously an official flag carrier and state-owned airline, but in 1994, it was privatized. It is a founding member of the biggest airline alliance worldwide, Star Alliance.

Marketing Mix Of Lufthansa Airlines

Marketing Mix Of Lufthansa Airlines is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Lufthansa Airlines, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Lufthansa Airlines Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Lufthansa Airlines.

Let’s talk about Lufthansa Airlines Marketing Mix.

Lufthansa Airlines Main Competitors

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Thai Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Air France
  • British Airways

Lufthansa Airlines official website:

Product in the Lufthansa Airlines Marketing Mix:

Lufthansa Airlines Marketing Mix

Lufthansa Airlines is an international airline with an aircraft fleet of more than 200. In addition to its wholly-owned and partially-owned subsidiaries, the fleet comprises sixty-five aircraft. Lufthansa Airlines has a diversified product range which includes

  • First Class Services is generally used for long-haul flights. Each seat can be converted into a bed and is equipped with entertainment facilities, power outlets for laptops, and the option of a meal on the spot. Lufthansa Airlines offers first-class terminals, lounges, check-in counters, and lounges for its customers.
  • Business Class is designed for long-haul planes. The seats can be transformed into lie-flat beds. They also have entertainment facilities as well as an outlet for laptops. Lufthansa Airlines offers Business Class lounges and check-in counters for its customers.
  • Economy class has a 31-inch seat pitch that comes with complimentary food and drinks, as well as TVs with AVOD.
  • The Premium Economy Class class was first introduced through Lufthansa Airlines in 2014 on every long-haul plane. It features a 38-inches of seat pitch and personal screens for entertainment.

Lufthansa Airlines offers the following services to its customers:

  • Travel tips and travel guides
  • Information on carry-on and baggage allowance
  • Flight Status, with the option of upgrading
  • Check-in options
  • Lounges
  • Cancellation and booking options

Place in the Lufthansa Airlines Marketing Mix:

Lufthansa is the biggest air carrier in Germany. After including its subsidiaries, it is the largest airline in Europe regarding the size of its fleet and the number of passengers flown. Its services have expanded to seventy-seven international destinations and 18 domestic destinations spread across seventy-eight countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa.

Lufthansa Airlines has its corporate headquarters and registered office in Cologne, Germany. Its second hub is at Munich Airport, and its primary hub is at Frankfurt Airport, where its flight attendants, ground staff, and plots are situated. Many divisions of Lufthansa Airlines, including Media Relations, Investor Relations, and Corporate Communications, are located at Frankfurt Airport in Lufthansa Aviation Center.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Lufthansa Airlines:

Lufthansa Airlines Marketing Mix

Lufthansa Airlines provides four kinds of services for its customers. It has adopted a variable price policy that is based on value. Because the premium and economy classes tickets cater to the middle-class portion of society, airlines have adopted a price-competitive policy for these tickets.

Business-class customers have implemented a mid-price and top-of-the-line high-end pricing approach since these are high-end customers who want convenience, comfort, and additional benefits and are willing to shell out extra money for kindness. Timings can greatly impact the cost of tickets since when tickets are booked before departure, their costs are lower than the time it’s booked close to the departure date. Lufthansa Airlines believes in promotional strategies and offers incentives, such as discounts and additional benefits during low season times.

Promotions in the Lufthansa Airlines Marketing Mix:

Lufthansa Airlines has implemented several promotions to boost its brand presence within its marketplace. It has realized the effects of sponsorship deals for a company and has signed sponsorship agreements with Bundesliga clubs Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayern Munich. German Sports Aid Foundation is also supported by Lufthansa Airlines. Lufthansa Airlines has released various ads that provide information and concentrate on its many products and services to boost brand recognition…

The company believes in the power of promotional advertisements and offers rewards such as promo codes, loyalty programs, and discounts for its clients. Advertising campaigns have been introduced through Lufthansa Airlines through digital media on TV and social media platforms such as the company’s site and portals for travel agents linked to the carrier, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Officials also communicate with clients through its mobile app.

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