Land Rover Marketing Strategy

Land Rover Marketing Strategy – Marketing Strategy of Land Rover: Land Rover forms part of the British multinational automotive firm Jaguar Land Rover Automotive plc. It is a subsidiary of the Indian automaker Tata Motors. 

The company’s principal activity is to design, build, manufacture, and market vehicles under the brand of Jaguar and Land Rover (including Range Rover). 

Tata Motors purchased the Automaker from Ford Motors in 2008. Since then, the company has prospered in automotive markets and created many job opportunities. 

Land Rover At A Glance – Marketing Strategy of Land Rover

Land Rover Marketing Strategy

[wp-svg-icons icon=”office” wrap=”I”] Company : Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC

[wp-svg-icons icon=”user” wrap=”I”] CEO: Thierry Bolloré

[wp-svg-icons icon=”user” wrap=”I”] Founder: British Leyland

[wp-svg-icons icon=”calendar” wrap=”I”] Year founded: 1978

[wp-svg-icons icon=”location-2″ wrap=”I”] Headquarters: Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom

[wp-svg-icons icon=”stats” wrap=”I”] Annual Revenue:  22.98 billion GBP

[wp-svg-icons icon=”bars” wrap=”i”] Profit | Net income:  0.469 billion

[wp-svg-icons icon=”users” wrap=”I”] Number of employees : 39,787

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pie” wrap=”i”] Products & Services: Luxury vehicles, Sport utility vehicles

[wp-svg-icons icon=”globe” wrap=”I”] Website:

Land Rover Competitors

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pacman” wrap=”I”] Competitors: Audi | Mercedes-Benz | BMW | Genesis | Chevrolet | Ford

Land Rover Fun Facts: The design for the first Land Rover began in 1947, thanks to Maurice Wilks. He was the chief designer of the Rover Company and the car was probably influenced by the Jeep. The car was presented as an agricultural vehicle and it wasn’t until 1978 that Land Rover was founded as a company.

Marketing Strategy of Land Rover

Land Rover Marketing Strategy

Land Rover’s Marketing Strategy covers various aspects of the business right from segmentation and targeting to the overall mission and vision of the company and the various parameters which the company executes to become the top brand that it has in the market. So what is the Marketing Strategy of Land Rover? Let us discuss.

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning – Land Rover Marketing Strategy

Segmentation allows for an understanding of the different groups based upon similar tastes and preferences from the population so that a Strategy can build to promote the offerings. Land Rover uses psychographic, demographic, and geographical segmentation strategies. 

It targets customers who are from the upper-class social group, professionals & executives from wealthy families because these are the people Land Rover will be affordable too. It employs a selective targeting strategy. 

For a premium car manufacturer, a strong brand is a key to success. British premium car manufacturer Land Rover has made a name for itself by adopting the latest technology, which delights customers and puts it in a competitive position with its rivals. Land Rover uses a value-based positioning strategy. 

Land Rover Mission Statement

“To delight our customers not just with our vehicles but at every point at which we make contact with them”

Land Rover’s Vision Statement

become the creator of the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles and services for the most discerning of customers.

Land Rover Tagline

Above & Beyond, Creating Experiences People Love for Life”.

Competitive Advantage – Land Rover Marketing Strategy

Strong parent company:

Since their inception, the two iconic brands Jaguar and Land Rover have had a long history of merging and acquiring other brands. Land Rover is the sub-brand of Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Plc, which is a subsidiary of Tata Motors, which acquired them in 2008 from Ford automobile. 

Focused operations:

Even though the Cars of Land Rover have been sold in more markets worldwide, it exports about 80% of them on a retail basis. More than 90% of its employees are located in the UK. This not only helps the company to optimize its operations but also allows it to control its costs. 

Expanding production facilities:

To remain competitive, the company has opened five production sites outside of the UK, in five countries China and India, Brazil, Austria, Slovakia, and Brazil. 

BCG Matrix – Land Rover Marketing Strategy

There are several segments of Land Rover: premium SUVs, off-road Jeeps, and classic customized cars. 

Its business segments, including Discovery, Range Rover, and Special vehicle operations, are all stars of the BCG matrix. 

Distribution Strategy – Land Rover Marketing Strategy

Land Rover sells its cars through exclusive Land Rover retail stores, wholesalers, and websites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. 

Land Rover cars can be sold through more than 2700 retailers, of which over 1020+ are Jointly-branded retailers. The network is supported by 38000 employees in 155 countries around the world. 

Brand equity – Land Rover Marketing Strategy

Land Rover ranked number 78 on the Interbrand 2016 List. 

Jaguar Land Rover’s emphasis on customer experience through innovation and technology is what has helped the company position itself as a premium brand. 

It won over 150 awards in 2016 and featured 24 vehicles in the James Bond movie. 

Competitive Analysis – Land Rover Marketing Strategy

Revolutionary changes are driving the premium automotive market. The company can anticipate future changes through innovation, research, development, and design & creativity. It also helps in staying ahead of the competition. 

It is competing with companies such as Mercedes and Audi. 

Innovative and agile, the company has developed state-of-the-art technologies, powertrains, and platforms such as “InMotion” that will provide valuable experiences for existing customers and attract new customers. 

Market Analysis – Land Rover Marketing Strategy

The rising demand for luxury/premium vehicles in Asian and European markets, changing lifestyles & technological advancements, rising per capita income, and changing lifestyles are some of the reasons why more and more players are entering this market. 

Supply government regulations, CO emissions, CO emissions, and the greenhouse effect are just a few of the factors that affect companies in this sector. 

Customer Analysis – Land Rover Marketing Strategy

Land Rover has a premium segment that offers vehicles to the upper-middle class and upper-class social groups. 

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