Marketing strategy of Pepsodent – Pepsodent Analysis

Marketing strategy of Pepsodent: The toothpaste is an American company of toothpaste that was introduced in 1915 by Pepsodent firm from Chicago which was later bought by Unilever in 1944 except the US and Canada which has been controlled by Church &Dwilight since 1942. 

Pepsodent is named this since its original formulation contained pepsin an ingredient in digestion created to disintegrate and break down food deposits that are present on the teeth. 

Following its acquisition from Unilever in 1944, sales of the brand grew dramatically in the UK and doubled 1944 between 1944 and 1950. In the end, the brand was popular by the mid-1950s but then fell in popularity due to the lack of knowledge of the creators who were hesitant to add fluoride into its formula to combat the rise of other brands that were highly promoted like crest Gleam from P&G and its success. Coalgate sales dropped.

Marketing strategy of Pepsodent

Marketing Strategy of Pepsodent  – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

Geographically, Pepsodent is a brand that targets urban and rural areas. To help with the purpose of behavioral segments The brand offers everything from regular use to full care segment the products. 

Variations such as Pepsodent children, Pepsodent G, and Pepsodent Milk Teeth Strawberry target a broad variety of demographic segments. 

Pepsodent is a firm believer in Selective Specialization through Pepsodent Kids for kids, smaller and more affordable versions destined for the rural markets, and Pepsodent full for the Urban educated class. 

Pepsodent throughout its history has been experimenting with the company’s positioning through various advertising campaigns such as: 

  • Germ Fighting Campaign 
  • Dental Insurance 
  • Bhoot Campaign 
  • Durable Protection for hours 

The introduction of a germ detector in the pack of Pepsodent and campaigns such as DishumDishumand let Pepsodent combat germs on your behalf The brand was targeted at mothers who were concerned about the diet habits of their children. 

Pepsodent Mission Statement

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Pepsodent Vision Statement

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Pepsodent Tagline

You’ll wonder where the yellow went / when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!

Marketing strategy of Pepsodent

Pepsodent  – Competitive Advantage

It is well-known for the minty taste that comes with sassafras Pepsodent is said to have key ingredients like: 

The atrium contains sodium lauryl sulfate which is a surfactant (detergent) that is usually used in toothpaste.

Lauryl sulfates are an important factor that differentiates the brand and provides Pepsodent an edge over rivals due to its antibacterial properties and also provides foam for clean teeth. 

The other ingredient in the mix is “I.M.P.” which is claimed to help bleach teeth. 

Marketing Strategy of Pepsodent  – BCG Matrix

Pepsodent as a brand owned by Unilever is a question the mark of a segment of their products. Germicheck along with Whitening are the two that seem to be the most popular for Pepsodent and Lavang& Salt are still doubt marks for the brand. 

Pepsodent Marketing strategy – Distribution Strategy

As a parent company, Unilever’s distribution is not something that any of its brands could be affected by. Over the years, it has grown across all geographical regions and also distribution channels as well as the company has invested in developing a streamlined chain of supply chains that can meet its business demands. 

With the capabilities of the brand’s global procurement and a well-established network for sourcing, partners allow it to cater quickly to meet the demands of its customers through its partners across countries. 

HUL’s distribution model has evolved throughout the years from its initial phase where it had wholesalers that made bulk purchases directly with the business. This evolved into the second stage where it was focused on providing the desired products and high-quality services to its customers to become a single wholesaler within one market. This is the current third phase, where the idea has changed into “Redistribution Stockist” which was replaced by “Registered Wholesaler”. The company also created the “Company Depots” system which was later replaced with Carrying and Forwarding Agents (C&FAs) which serve as buffer stocks to ensure that stock-outs do not occur for any of the products it sells. 

Marketing Strategy of Pepsodent – Market Analysis

With the launch of Patanjali Dant Kanti in recent years, the oral health market has experienced a huge number of changes, and the share of HUL in the Indian market declining throughout the years, starting at 22.8 percent in 2013 to 18.8 percent in 2017. 

Coalgate Palmolive in these years has experienced the most dramatic decline as it dropped from 57 percent market share to 53% in the year 2017. 

Additionally, brand loyalty to Pepsodent has been shattered by the market for ayurvedic toothpaste soaring through the years, and now becoming preferred by rural as well as the urban population. 

Marketing Strategy of Pepsodent – Customer Analysis

Customers of Pepsodent span from children under 5 years old to people over 70, which the brand makes possible through this wide range of products including Germicheck, Gum Care to Pepsodent children, which are available in different flavors for kids aged 2 and 6 years old. 

The products are that are available as low as 5 Rs. 5 tubes for those in the lower middle class up to as high as 80 packs for the upper-middle class. 80 packs for the upper social strata. 

With its offerings, the brand can cater to different age groups, across borders and income levels. 

Pepsodent Marketing Strategy – Promotional Strategy

Utilizing social and digital media, marketers can increase the reach of the marketing campaign to its maximum degree. The advertising approach for the company has proven to be successful as it has earned the trust of its customers over time and is well-liked by consumers for its high quality. 

To make trendy advertisements, the company came up with some attractive taglines. Some of its most popular taglines include ” Protection outside freshness inside“, ” DSS Nahi to base Nahi”,My toothpaste fights 10“, and ” Makes your teeth whiter. 

The company has over many years enlisted several celebrities as its brand ambassadors. The actor Shahrukh Khan has been recently closely involved in the brand’s ads.

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