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Nikon Marketing Mix: Nikon Corporation is commonly known as Nikon and is a publicly-traded company of Japanese origin. It is associated with the IT and technology industry and deals with consumer electronic products. The company is often linked to professional photography; however, in recent years, its role has expanded to include everyday photography and now includes products that are aimed at the large-scale market.

Nikon is a major player in the market with a vast range of products. It is a division of the mother corporation Mitsubishi Group that was established in 1917.

Marketing Mix Of Nikon

Marketing Mix Of Nikon is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Nikon, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Nikon Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Nikon.

Let’s talk about Nikon Marketing Mix.

Nikon Main Competitors

  • Panasonic
  • Pentax
  • Sony
  • Kodak
  • Casio
  • Canon
  • Samsung
  • Olympus
  • Fujifilm
  • Hewlett-Packard, as well as HP

Nikon official website:

Product in the Nikon Marketing Mix:

Nikon Marketing Mix

Nikon is a well-established brand that delivers the latest technology, authenticity, and professionalism through its advanced imaging and optical products. It is the second-largest producer of steppers and the eighth-largest maker of chip equipment around the globe. Its varied product portfolio includes

Microscopic Solutions

  • OEM
  • Accessories for the Microscope
  • Camera for microscopy
  • Zoom microscopes
  • Stereo-microscopes
  • Right-angle microscopes for research and clinical use
  • Super-resolution microscopes
  • Software for imaging
  • Screening systems for live cell phones
  • Right-angled microscopes for medical and educational use
  • Digital microscopes
  • Polarizing microscopes
  • Confocal microscopes

Imaging Products

  • Photo storage and sharing service
  • Film cameras
  • Software
  • Accessories
  • Speedlights
  • Action cameras
  • Compact digital cameras
  • An advanced camera that has the option to swap lenses
  • Nikkor lenses
  • Digital SLR camera

Sport Optics

  • Binocular telescope
  • StabilEyes
  • Laser rangefinders
  • Loupes
  • Field microscopes
  • Digiscoping System
  • Fieldscopes
  • Monoculars/Binoculars

FPD Lithography Systems

  • FPD Lithography Systems – FX series

Semiconductor Lithography Systems

  • Semiconductor lithography systems – NSR series

Industrial Metrology

  • Microscopes
  • Large volume inspection
  • Instruments for measuring
  • Semiconductor-related inspection equipment
  • X-rays and CT scans
  • 3D metrology
  • Systems for measuring video with CNC

Optical Materials

  • Synthetic silica glass
  • Series NICF
  • I-Line glass

We customize optical equipment for the eye.

  • Projection exposure system


  • Nikon Absolute encoders

Nikon Parts

  • Parts of Film SLRs
  • Speedlight parts
  • Lens parts
  • Nikon 1 Parts
  • Parts of Coolpix
  • DSLR components

Place in the Nikon Marketing Mix:

Nikon is a multinational company that has expanded its reach to a variety of countries around the world. It is headquartered with its headquarters in Shinagawa, located near Tokyo. It has also opened a manufacturing facility in Thailand and a production facility in Indonesia.

The company has an extensive R&D department that can develop new product models in response to changing times and preferences of customers. It has a large customer base and an extensive array of stores and service centers to serve as distributorship channels. Nikon products are readily available on the world market through physical stores such as photography shops, supermarkets, exclusive Nikon outlets, and multi-brand stores. They also sell products on its official website and other online platforms.

Service centers are an essential element of any product. Nikon has taken extra care to set up several service centers in strategically placed places in major and suburban urban areas and towns to avoid any inconvenience for the customer. The service centers repair the damaged component using authentic parts from the manufacturer. The company provides a self-service website for repairs, making it easy to manage everything from obtaining an estimate for the repair to shipping it to the appropriate location.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Nikon:

Nikon Marketing Mix

At the close of the fiscal year 2016, Nikon posted its revenue and net profit at 822.9 billion yen and 22.2 billion yen. Nikon targets middle and upper-middle-class customers who live in urban regions as its customers of choice. clients. It offers a range of priced products following their specifications, costs, and value.

Nikon is in fierce competition with many competitors. In certain regions, it is neck-and-neck. The company is aware that if it must compete with such a close rival, it must use a priced competitive method. This has enabled it to set its prices in line with pricing set by other brands. Nikon products are superior to the other brands and enjoy a greater image in the marketplace for consumers. This has resulted in the popularity of its price policy, which has been adopted to provide reasonable and affordable rates for its products.

It offers periodic sales and incentives to keep its existing customers and develop fresh markets. This increases sales numbers and leads to higher earnings and higher revenues.

Promotions in the Nikon Marketing Mix:

Nikon has chosen a successful marketing method to keep its place within the consumer market. It has launched a number of interesting advertisements featuring celebrities to promote a positive image within the market for consumers. Nikon has brought in Priyanka Chopra and Aston Kutcher to lend glam quality to their advertising campaigns. They have followed an above-the-line policy for marketing and have promoted through digital, visual, and print media, including magazines, newspaper hoardings, billboards, and television.

The company provides customers with promotions via the official site. The company has utilized social media platforms to its advantage. It has been in touch with its customers through the website’s page on Facebook, pages, Twitter account, and videos uploaded to YouTube. Marketing91 is extremely active and is constantly in touch with current events through its social media profiles.

Nikon provides various benefits periodically, including cashback promotions, camera lenses at a discount, and double deals to retain customers and attract new ones.

Sponsorship deals are an integral part of great marketing as well. Nikon has signed a number of deals with sporting and special events. It has been the official camera since 2013 for Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Nikon also sponsors Galatasaray SK Football Team, and in 2014, they sponsored AFC Champions League and Copa Sadia does Brasil.

In Japan, The brand is involved in cultural calendar events, such as Nikkor Club and Nikon Salon. They also offer the Miki Jun Inspiration Award, Miki Jun Award, and Ina Nobuo Award. Nikon brand that Nikon has rated 134 places as the Most Trusted Brand in 2012, and in 2013 it was ranked 28 28th place in India.

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