Papa John’s Pizza Marketing Mix

Papa John’s Pizza Marketing Mix: Papa John’s Pizza is a fast-food restaurant linked in the catering field. It is a publicly traded company of American origin. Papa John’s Pizza was founded in 1984 under the leadership of its founding father, John Schnatter. It’s in third place in terms of pizza delivery and take-outs in the world restaurant chain.

Marketing Mix Of Papa John’s Pizza

Marketing Mix Of Papa John’s Pizza is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Papa John’s Pizza, We will Learn About the four critical elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Papa John’s Pizza Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Papa John’s Pizza.

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Papa John’s Pizza Main Competitors

  • Pizza Hut
  • Domino’s
  • KFC
  • McDonald’s
  • Subway
  • Taco Bell

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Product in the Papa John’s Pizza Marketing Mix:

Papa John’s Pizza Marketing Mix

Papa John’s Pizza is a retail chain of fast-food eateries which offers delivery and takeaway pizza. Pizzas are offered in various sizes, including large, extra large, medium, and small. They also have options for cheese or without cheese.

Apart from the main pizza component, It also serves additional items like desserts such as poppers and chicken wings, breadsticks, cheese sticks, and cans and drinks. The most popular pizzas they offer that are available in both the veg and non-veg categories are as follows:

  • Classic Vegetarian – Margherita as well as Say Cheese Single
  • Papa’s Favorites Veg – Paneer Tandoori, Spicy Pepper Roast, and Garden Special
  • Heritage Vegetarian – Simply Veggie, Farm Fresh, and Veg Curry Pizza
  • Exotic Vegan — Papa’s Paneer, Fajita Pizza, and Classic Veggie
  • Papa’s Favorite Non-Veg Foods Papa’s Favorites Non-Veg Super Papa’s, Chicken Super Papa’s, All the Meats and Lamb Pepperoni Pizza
  • Exotic Non-Vegetable Fajita Pizza and Spicy Pepper Roast
  • Heritage Non-Vegetarian – Murg Curry Pizza and Chicken Barbeque
  • Classic Non-Veg The Chicken Delight with Papa’s Italian Chicken Sausage

Place in the Papa John’s Pizza Marketing Mix:

Papa John’s Pizza is an international corporation with its main in Jeffersontown, located in Kentucky. It was established in a tower in the back of a pub located in Jeffersontown. Over time, the company’s presence has expanded to over four hundred and seventy-seven places. The United States has 3500 restaurants. The remaining 1,200 locations are in 27 nations spread across the globe, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UAE, Portugal, Ireland, Mexico, China, Canada, and India. The 4,040 establishments are located in the United States. The restaurant opened in New Hyde Park in New York in 2012. Papa John’s Pizza primarily deals in delivery and takeaway.

Certain outlets have been equipped to serve meals with chairs and tables. The distribution channel for the company comprises Franchisee stores, but its corporate operations monitor these outlets to ensure brand consistency. 2002 was the year it became the first company in the US market to offer pizza delivery online all over the United States. Mobile ordering is available on Android and iPhone apps that offer payment options, such as PayShare and Google Wallet.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Papa John’s Pizza:


Papa John’s Pizza receives 5 percent of its total sales from franchisee’s owners as royalty payments, and they reserve 7% of the proceeds for advertising. The company has implemented an approach to pricing based on penetration and has maintained its product costs affordable and reasonable to ensure a competitive advantage against competitors. Papa John’s Pizza has also implemented a policy of promotional pricing to increase sales and generate more revenue by offering a variety of incentives in the form of vouchers, discounts, and coupons.

Promotions in the Papa John’s Pizza Marketing Mix:

Papa John’s Pizza has adopted a comprehensive strategy to raise its brand awareness. Papa Rewards is a Program to reward the loyalty of customers and loyalty. Papa Cards can be purchased through its website or via third-party retailers. Papa John’s Pizza offers deals and offers such as one small pizza for free with the purchase of a big pizza. It also offers two pizzas for discounted prices, upgrades to orders on special days, and vouchers for discounts. As part of its marketing strategy, the company distributed 4000 pizzas free of charge upon opening its 4000 first outlets in New York City.

It signed an annual partnership with Six Flags and ESPN Regional Television. The company was the official pizza distributor for the Olympic Speedskating Oval in Canada. In 2010 an agreement was struck by Super Bowls, the XLVII Super Bowl, XLVI, and the National Football League to become their pizza sponsors in the official capacity. Papa John’s Pizza contributed 5 million dollars and gained the rights to name Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. It boasts an evocative slogan, “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.

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