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Sprite Marketing Mix: Sprite is regarded as the most innovative of all aerated drinks because it communicates. 7 Up is the primary competitor to Sprite and is a cool person. However, Sprite is sarcastic and smart and can never get away with his tricks.

As part of the collection of Coca-Cola, Sprite has established itself as a brand worldwide because it has wide and broad distribution. Here is the Marketing Mix of Sprite with the four P’s.

Marketing Mix Of Sprite

The marketing Mix Of Sprite is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Sprite, We will Learn About the four critical elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Sprite Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Sprite.

Let’s talk about Sprite Marketing Mix.

Sprite Main Competitors

  • Pepsi
  • Gatorade
  • Mountain Dew
  • Dr. Pepper
  • 7-Up

Sprite official website: www.sprite.com

Product in the Sprite Marketing Mix:

Sprite Marketing Mix

  1. Sprite is a transparent, colorless lime-flavored, non-caffeinated drink. It immediately distinguishes its drink from other chilled drinks that are usually colored.
  2. Sprite is primarily advertised as a refreshing beverage for its patrons. The color green is used in its packaging. It is the shade of trees, plants, or greenery. It helps to relax the consumer and helps to reenergize the consumer.
  3. Because of its clear color and the nature of the flavor (lime flavor) Additionally, it can be utilized as an ingredient in various other drinks. Most of the time, many cocktails, mocktails, and even soft drinks come with Sprite.
  4. Sprite was first released as a “Clear Lemon Fanta” in Germany in 1959, then in the US in 1961. Since then, Sprite hasn’t stopped and has been a huge hit with most of the.
  5. The reason for introducing Sprite as a drink on the market was that Coca-Cola was looking to be competitive with 7 Up which was introduced by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in the US in the US and later was branded as Pepsi throughout the world.
  6. These include the primary Sprite, Sprite Zero, Sprite Cranberry, Sprite Zero cranberry, and the Sprite tropical mix.

Place in the Sprite Marketing Mix:

  1. It is a very popular drink because of its addictive properties, and Sprite is distributed far and across. Sprite was found in 190 countries in 2015, and it is considered the world’s most popular lime-flavored drink.
  2. Sprite is owned by Coca-Cola, which itself has a wider distribution network than Pepsi. So it’s likely that Sprite has a bigger distribution network than 7-Up.
  3. As an FMCG product, Sprite follows the same distribution route as other FMCG businesses. Sprite is shipped from its production facility in Germany before being transported to the depot warehouses. It is then shipped to different distribution centers of Sprite. From distributors, it is delivered to retailers and ultimately to consumers. Modern retailers purchase their materials directly from Sprite company. In this case, the merchandise shifts from the Depot warehouse to the warehouse of the modern retailer.
  4. Distribution channels are different, and since it’s mass-produced, you can find its presence globally. It is offered through convenience stores, retail stores, hypermarkets, modern retailers, and on the internet. Whatever channel you imagine will be able to display the appearance of Sprite.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Sprite:


  1. As with any other cold beverage Sprite also comes at a reasonable cost.
  2. The market is too small for any cold beverage to test at any other price than the competitive price.
  3. Pepsi’s 7 UP is closely priced as they are constantly at odds, and the major distinction is the distribution point that separates the two.

Promotions in the Sprite Marketing Mix:

  1. Localized taglines: In India, Sprite uses its slogan “Clear hai” or “Sprite bujhaye pyaas, baki sab bakwaas.” Sprite uses different taglines than other companies.
  2. The packaging is beautiful with green. The 7 Up and Sprite brands have green packaging geared toward lime’s freshness. However, when they are displayed on shelves, you’ll see Sprite with more attractive packaging.
  3. The brand always strives to distinguish itself by presenting itself as funny and smart.
  4. Make use of ATL and BTL marketing extensively. In ATL TV, a lot of television is used, but in BTL, sponsorships, point-of-purchase ads, trade promotions, and consumer discounts are utilized.

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